Case 2 – The Private Governments of Shanker Singham, Erick Brimen & Dr Barbara Kolm

Shanker Singham, EY, Zaha Hadid, Competere, ULEX, CATO Institute, IEA, Seasteading, NeWay Capital, Honduras Próspera LLC, Pronomos Capital, Heritage Foundation, Honduran Government, Erick Brimen……. and Dr Barbara Kolm

2020: The ‘NeWay’ to Serfdom

ZEDE Roatan

People, organisations & think tanks

Shanker Singham, EY, Zaha Hadid, Competere, ULEX, CATO Institute, IEA, Seasteading, NeWay Capital, Honduras Próspera LLC, Pronomos Capital, Atlas, Network, Heritage Foundation, Honduran Government, Erick Brimen……. and Dr Barbara Kolm

The above interactive diagram includes active links and is intended to help you visualize the connections and key roles and organisations involved in the ZEDE Project in Honduras.

The diagram opens in a new browser tab and the controls are activated by clicking on the image.

It is interesting that the architect of many of the free market reforms in Russia was Babson Global Inc’s Shanker Singham is also one of the key architects of both Brexit and Enterprise Cities. A look at Singhams past speeches, in particular those in Moscow and the USA shed light on how long he has been lobbying and planning these monumental events. See

…..A curious sequence of events

As the diagram above illustrates, Singhams’s statements about Enterprise Cities being a method of ‘eliminating crony capitalism’ require serious scrutiny.

More we all need put this statement into context with how it links to this very important chain of events Austria 2006, involving Benjamin Netanyahu, Dr Andrei Illarionov, Dr Barbara Kolm, Sebastian Gorka, Matthew Elliott and all key global libertarian individuals and think tanks. All of whom have their own motivations for Russia opening up totally to Libertarian Free Trade.

Please click here to view

Dr Illarionov, now with the US Cato Institute, as well as running his own Russian IEA Think Tanks was fiercely critical of the Russian Goverments economic approach when he resigned in 2005 and especially concerning the scandal involving the sale of Yukos Oil and Mihkail Khorodovsky, (whose son studied at the US Babson College between 2003-2007). .

Dr Illarionov explained his serious concerns about the direction Russian politics was taking in this newspaper interview in 2007. Please take careful note of what he said here and compare it with what we are describing on this website. In particular, to what is being implemented by Shanker Singham, Dr Barbara Kolm and Erick Brimen’s Honduras, Britain and beyond:

When asked “You say that the West doesn’t understand what’s going on in Russia. What’s your view? What is going on?”, Dr Andrei llarionov (Russian President Vladimir Putin’s former Chief Economic Advisor) responded:

“The emergence of a new political, economic, and ideological regime. In fact, it has already been more or less established. My term for it — which may not be the most precise term — is a “corporativist” state. It’s where power is concentrated in the hands of corporations whose members hold all the key positions in the political, economic, ideological, informational, financial, and other spheres of life.

The elimination of freedoms leads, among other things, to the elimination of institutions — the weakening, collapse, and ultimately the destruction of public and state institutions.

These people support each other; they’re members of the same organization; they’re beyond the reach of law and regulations; and they counterpoise themselves against the rest of society. Their ideology is the so-called “nash-ism” — separating “us” and “ours” from “them” and “the others.” For “us,” common laws are not applicable.”

“Russia: Economist Says Political Elite ‘Have Their Own Law” 2nd February 2007

Private Government Syndicates

This is a must watch video from Monaco resident, lawyer, and mining and resources magnate Titus Gebel, a major investor in the Roatán ZEDE.

German born Titus Gebel, is the opinionated, self-styled ‘King Gebel of Roatan’. He has his own particular views on how governments should look, which includes the authoritarian ‘removal of politics’ in what seems to perceive as his own state. This is a proposition to billionaires that he canvassed in an open letter inviting them to invest in Private Cities.

There are a number of things that strike you when looking at the organisations and people involved with the world’s first ZEDE Enterprise City.

  • The first thing you notice is that the vast majority are young white American males associated with libertarian think tanks and pressure groups.
  • The second thing that strikes you is that the same names keep popping up in a variety of roles and organisations – often with clear conflicts of interest. This is a cross-population of group-think and vested interests that typifies this project.
  • The third, and most alarming theme of ZEDE Roatan, is the exclusion of the local indigenous traditional landowners, who don’t even merit representation on the local ZEDE Roatan Committee and who have not been balloted on the adoption of the ZEDE Charter. Questions still remain unanswered about indigenous traditional landowner status and civil liberties within ZEDEs, especially worrying given the extreme poverty and low literacy rate amongst local Honduran and Garifuna populations.

“The former Minister of Economics, Fernando García, is a ZEDE expert; on behalf of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, he wrote a detailed study on the special development zones. But he too has more questions than answers. “The most important element of a democracy is the participation of its citizens, and for that you need free access to information,” says García. “But if there is no transparency, only cover-up, then one cannot speak of a real democracy.””


… if half of the small Caribbean island paradise of Roatan off the North coast of Honduras has been partitioned and the annexed land is leased for 50 years to a private US company, registered in Delaware in the United States to avoid tax and financial scrutiny.

… if this enclave is the site of the most daring social and economic experiment since China’s Cultural Revolution and with an economic model that aims to build on the Special Economic Zones (SEZs), such as Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province, that enabled China to rapidly expand as the World’s leading trading nation. A vision for an autonomous privatised nation-within-a-nation, a center for finance and trade, wrapped in a cloak of privacy with light-touch laws, minimal red tape and very little tax to pay.

… your government was selling your sovereignty to wealthy overseas investors who will become your neo-feudal overlords. These libertarian colonialists have the right to evict you from your own property using their own private police and military forces and an ‘outsourced’ judiciary system and ad-hoc penal code.

… if these ‘Charter Cities’ were linked in a global web of economic secrecy in a way that would make it virtually impossible for the European Union’s powerful new Tax Avoidance Directives to be enforced, whilst Honduras is at the same time receiving significant EU development funds:



…if companies like McKinsey are warning of very significant risks

“Still, these success stories have a flip side: ill-conceived or badly implemented SEZs can have a significant negative effect. A relative lack of regulation and oversight, for example, creates opportunities for illicit activities, including trade in counterfeit goods, money laundering, and trafficking in human beings, drugs, and weapons.”

How customs agencies can help special economic zones succeed, McKinsey & Co

ZEDE Roatan – A Viennese Waltz

The ZEDE model in Roatan has now been populated with private companies and organisations that will operate the jurisdiction. The image is that of a syndicate of interconnected libertarian billionaire investors, politicians, economists, think tanks and global business interests.

Two of these shown below at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas in 2013, Dr Barbara Kolm and Dr Richard Rahn are operating at the highest levels worldwide to ensure the project succeeds at any cost. In the case of Dr Rahn, and Dr Kolm, who is Vice President of the Austrian National Bank, it is curious that their fellow Americans and Austrians seem to be blissfully unaware of what they and the other extremely powerful individuals on this vast project are doing to disrupt democracy in a Central American country, infamous for cocaine and gun smuggling.

In fact there is a history of foreign exploitation and manipulation of this part of the world. Edward Bernays – famous for rebranding propaganda as ‘Public Relations’ and using ethically questionable techniques to sell people things they didnt need – managed to meddle in Latin American politics, and worked closely with the CIA . Bernays controversially used the work of his uncle, the infamous Austrian founder of Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud to achieve his goals and gain great personal wealth in the process.

Indeed. from the Ronald Reagan government’s Nicaraguan Contras, back to the slave traders of the British and Austro-Hungarian House of Habsburg Empires’ there is history of foreign interference. Not forgetting also the well-documented post-war drug and gun smuggling that Nazi war criminals like Klaus Barbie carried out in Latin America, often in collaboration with the CIA and various European Governments.

Perhaps it is time that a lot more scrutiny was placed on the people and their hugely powerful backers who are intent on disrupting democracy?

Barbara Kolm, President of ZEDE CAMP and the H.A. Hayek Institute
Pictured with (L to R) Richard Rahn, Jim Rogers and Steve Forbes at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, 2013.
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, 11 July 2013,

The Boards and Committees of the first Honduran ZEDE in Roatan are stacked with representatives from Atlas Network’s 447 Libertarian partner think tanks which operate in 95 countries and include representatives of the climate-change-denying the Heritage Foundation, World Taxpayers Associations the CATO Institute, The Mont Pelerin Society, the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and the Austrian Economic Center.

Note: The World Taxpayers Associations (WTA) is huge umbrella which brings together most of the Far Right Libertarian organisations worldwide. Matthew Elliot, CEO of Brexit Vote Leave campaign who worked very closely with Shanker Singham at Legatum, is on the Board of Advisors. Matthew’s obliquitous wife Sarah Elliott of Republicans Overseas (UK), was a previous WTA Secretary-General and worked for Grover Norquist, who helped Matthew form the Taxpayers Alliance.

Key players include:

Shankar Singham – Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit at the UK’s IEA think tank and an admirer of Opus Dei’s evangelical Catholicism & idea of “the sanctification of work”. Importantly, as well as being touted at the real mastermind behind Brexit, Singham’s key role at Babson Global Inc indicates that he is instrumental in negotiating new ZEDE’s with host Governments and with the aim of disrupting the global economy.

Dr Barbara Kolm President of the Hayek Institute, and Director of the Austrian Economic Center and Free Market Roadshows which evangelise Austrian-School Free Market Economics worldwide with the aim of ‘Disrupting Democracy’. She plays a key role in influencing most global Libertarian institutions, lobby groups and governments, and is referred to by her own Austrian Economic Center as, ‘the Voice of Europe‘. In addition, Dr Kolm is Vice President of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB), sits on numerous boards and is a University lecturer.

Peter Thiel – the American/German Silicon Valley billionaire ‘wunderkind’ who founded PayPal and the notorious Palantir organisation which provides the big-data backbone for election influencing digital campaigns via Facebook, where he is on the Board of Directors, and other Social Media channels. Thiel’s Seasteading Institute which applied the same Free Market theory to ocean-based dwellings and ultimately, marine Charter Cities. An early investor, Thiel has distanced himself from the ZEDE Roatán project in recent years.

Titus Gebel – a mining and resources billionaire and primary investor, who likens his power in the Roatán ZEDE, ‘his City’, to that of Prince Albert in Monaco. Gebel also founded the Startup Societies Foundation and has formed an alliance with FEMOZA, the World Free and Special Economic Zones Federation, based in Geneva, Switzerland. FEMOZA has links to Vladimir Putin (see bottom of page).

Patri Friedman – anarcho-capitalist grandson of economist Milton Friedman (who incidentally, like Hayek, was an advisor and advocate of General Pinochet’s regime in Chile). Friedman was previously an executive at Google, and is the founder and general partner of finance organisations Pronomos Capital and Zarco. An ex Google engineer, Friedman started the Seasteading Institute with seed funding from Peter Thiel, and sits on the boards of multiple neocolonialst ventures including Titus Gebel’s Startup Societies Foundation.

Grover Norquist  – Ronald Reagan’s choice to found Americans for Tax Reform, and former director of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a man whose resumé reads like a Tom Clancy character.

Mark Skousen  – a former CIA Economic Analyst, influential advocate of Austrian Economics and prolific author, who’s titles include ‘The Complete Guide to Financial Privacy. Skousen was President of the Foundation for Economic Education, the oldest free market think tank in the USA, and is the founder of the annual FreedomFest, the largest libertarian gathering in the world.

Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg – a member of the House of Habsburg family who colonised Central America during their , through the patronage of Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés (often referred to ‘Cortez The Killer’) and others. Habsburg is an artist and ‘diplomat for hire. Her Tabula Rasa Exhibiton included her sculpture called “The Monument to the Three Powers of the State”, referencing the executive, legislature and judiciary.

Middle-East financiers – linked to the wealthiest families and conglomerates in the UAE and Oman, including Jeff Singer, the former Chief Executive of the Dubai International Finance Centre Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Michael Reagan – Son of US President Ronald Reagan and US Republican strategist and political pundit.

Kakha Benduikze – now deceased, Benduikze made his fortune privatising Russian industries, and was the architect of the chaotic market reforms in Georgia.

Joel Bomgar – Republican member of the Mississippi House of Representatives and tech businessman. Joel Bomgar co-authored the Future Plan for Mississippi with Governor Phil Bryant, who himself is no stranger to controversy

Alejandro Chafuen – President and CEO of the Atlas Network between 1991 and 2018, who’s meeting with Dr Barbara Kolm at the IEA in London in 2006 may have been the moment this vast bold project, involving Brexit and ZEDEs was germinated.

Mark Klugmann – US Presidents Reagan & Bush speechwriter, advisor to Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa. Klugmann played a pivotal role in obtaining the constitutional change required to provide full eCity3 ‘micro-nation’ autonomy for the Honduran ZEDEs. Klugmann was previously an advisor to a Chilean Government Minister from Pinochet’s murderous regime.

… and also several serving and former Honduran Ministers, several with close links to organised crime and the narcotics trade, including the current Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, who like his jailed brother , is under investigation by the USA for his links to the narcotics trade.

A form of bastardised ‘Nation-building’ that would only exist in a science fiction novel right?

A century after the US military intervention in La Ceiba and the return of territorial concessions


(Mark Lutter’s) .. essay chronicles decades of libertarian failure to get projects off the ground, which reads as a forceful indictment against the capacity of grass roots libertarians to become city-builders. As Lutter points out, startup societies have a unique knack of getting kicked out of the places where they are trying to build and have struggled to apply a Burning Man / Silicon Valley / libertarian ethos to real-world contexts in their city-building endeavors. .

Charter Cities and the ‘Leap Model’

The original vision for Enterprise Cities was based on a model proposed by Paul Romer had an elegant simplicity. Each special administrative zone engaged with a developed nation and adopted the legal code of that nation, for example, Canada. Paul Romer’s TED Talk on Charter Cities was the catalyst for ZEDEs in Honduras. Having been involved in the project from the outset, Romer withdrew from the project when Mark Klugmann’s LEAP model was selected by the Honduran Government, defying Romer’s requirement for a Transparency Committee.

The following short film from FreedomFest 2013, Mark Klugmann explains his LEAP (Legal, Economic, Administrative and Political) Zones.

Honduras needed to implement a number of constitutional changes to allow the ZEDE in Roatán to proceed. This slide deck details the constitutional changes and also names the members of the Committee of Best Practices.

Slide 12 | Removal of requirement for a plebiscite for ZEDE approval on rural land
Slide 17 | ZEDEs permission to create their own economic and employment laws
Slide 18 | ZEDEs permission to operate autonomous laws and legal system
Slide 19 | Appointment of Committee of Best Practices (CAMP) members by Honduran President Lobo
Slide 20 | Ability for ZEDE to expand to incorporate more land

The Charter for the Próspera ZEDE can be viewed here.

The Investors

Click here to read more about ZEDE Roatan, Honduras Investors

Funding and Investors

NeWAY Capital
Peter Thiel
Titus Gebel


  1. Who Wants to Buy Honduras?
  2. What Would It Be Like to Live in a Town Run by Investors?
  3. Can Honduras’ ZEDE become a new “Hong Kong” or the next “Singapore”? Barcelona Free Market Road Show, April 4, 2014
  4. Should the Inter-American Development Bank Fund Honduras to Implement Controversial Special Economic Zones?

Early investor in NeWay Capital
1. Honduras Shrugged
2. THE WORLD’S FIRST CHARTER CITIES IN HONDURAS: From neo-liberalism to neo-colonialism
3. On November 10, 2015, Peter Thiel received the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award at a gala event at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna.
4. Peter Thiel Is Taking Human Growth Hormone In Hopes Of Living To 120
5. Peter Diamandis Is the Latest Tech Futurist Betting on Anti-Aging Stem Cells


… if some of the wealthiest people on the planet, such as Peter Thiel and Titus Gebel, were funding this social and economic experiment without the informed consent of the local population. These people, with radical ideas about the future, that have no alignment with your cultural or social values, feel empowered by wealth to use your life and home as part of a neo-libertarian experiment designed to break your current society and rebuild it to meet their dictatorial vision.

ZEDE Committee of Best Practices (CAMP)

Click here to read more aboutCommittee of Best Practices (CAMP) Founding Members details

CAMP Founding Members

Official establishment of ZEDE with Committee for the Adoption of Best Practices (CAMP) members directly appointed by Honduran President Porfirio Lobo Sosa ‘Pepe Lobo’:


Dr Barbara Kolm AUSTRIA
Founding member and Chairperson – ZEDE CAMP
1.Dr Barbara Kolm & Matthew Elliott at the ERB/UK Taxpayers Alliance 2010
2. Dr Barbara Kolm: Why the European Union will fail
3. Austrian Group at Heart of EU Nationalist Funding Draws Scrutiny
4. Far-Right FPÖ chief, Heinz Christian Strache’s Iron Lady (Dr Barbara Kolm) to become (Vice) President of the Austrian National Bank
5. CPAC 2020 – Peter Pitts Asks Barbara Kolm About the Dangers of Socialized Healthcare
6. Dr Barbara Kolm’s Austrian Economics Center received “five-figure sums” from tobacco companies
7. Barbara Kolm: Opinion about Private Cities
8. Dr Barbara Kolm: Texas Tech 2016: What can the US learn from Europe?
9. Dr Barabara Kolm explains her Austrian Economic Centers presence at Montenegro’s private University (UDG)
10. Dr Barbara Kolm’s 10 years of her Free Market Roadshow

Kakha Bendukidze GEORGIA (deceased)
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Bendukidze Free Market Org
2. Georgia’s Libertarian Revolution, Part two: Bendukidze and Russian Capitalism Berlin – Tbilisi – Istanbul 17 April 2010
3. The Man Who Remade Georgia
4. Famous Reformist Kakha Bendukidze Dies at 58

Morton Blackwell USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Morton Blackwell, President, Leadership Institute
2. Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII: A Theme Illuminating American Social History
3. Morton Blackwell: What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics? – Illinois Review
4. Morton C. Blackwell, Special Assistant to the President, Office of Public Liaison, 1981-1984
5. Morton Blackwell is “One of my heroes” – Mike Pence (Leadership Institute Alumni)
6. How Powerful Is This Right-Wing Shadow Network?

Alejandro Chaufen ARGENTINA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Former CEO of the Atlas Network (1991-2018), Founder of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research and International Managing Director of the Acton Institute, Member of Mont Pelerin Society
1. Action Institute, Managing Director, International
4. How the Mont Pelerin Society ‘Neoliberal Thought Collective’ Is Influencing Donald Trump’s Presidency
5. Church Voices On Socialism And Cultural Marxism
6. Special CEQLS Lecture: Alejandro A. Chafuen: Christian Roots of the Free Society
7. 70 Years Later, Peron’s Politics Still Reign In Argentina

Lars Seier Christensen SWITZERLAND
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Millionaire’s Plan to Cut Danish Taxes Lies in Tatters
2. Yaron Brook, Lars Seier Christensen: Why Is Ayn Rand Still Relevant?

Alex Cranberg TEXAS
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Chairman of Aspect Holdings, LLC, and former Regent of the University of Texas.
1. Denver oilman Alex Cranberg and his partner secured huge Ukraine drilling deal after push from Rick Perry
2. Alex Cranberg Steps In Oily Foreign Policy Scandal (Again)
3. Newest Iraqi Gusher Could Make Texas Oilman A Billionaire
4. Aspect Holdings – Meet the founder
5. Alex Cranberg: In the Background of the Koch Network
6. Baroness of the Belize oil fields (wife)

Ebal Jair Diaz Lupian HONDURAS
Executive Secretary of the Cabinet of the Republic of Honduras, Chairman of Board of Directors of Honduran Property Institute (government institute)
1. Honduras to build land title registry using bitcoin technology
2. Honduras election: Army given more powers to quash unrest
3. Honduras to Unveil First ZEDE in March
4. Dispelling the Myth of Charter Cities in Honduras
5. Honduras’ new penal code lightens sentences for corruption
6. Exclusive: A Pandora’s box of corruption in Honduras

Enriqué Ghersi PERU
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Lawyer, professor, Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute
1. Enriqué Ghersi – Adjunct Scholar, CATO Institute
2. Enriqué Ghersi – Adjunct Scholar, Independent Institute
3. Enrique Ghersi’s* Talk “Peru: A not-so Shining Path”, held at the 14th Gottfried-von-Haberler Conference 2018 in Vaduz (FL)
4. Peru’s Mining Crisis
6. Everything you need to know about the Odebrecht Arbitration Case Case Odebrecht Case Arbritrajes | Odebrecht justice
7. Referees seek today to reverse prison and regain freedom (Odebrecht scandal)
8. Insolvency in Vienna due to the Odebrecht scandal

Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg GERMANY, AUSTRIA & GEORGIA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. The art of diplomacy
2. Ambassador Gabriela von Habsburg: Georgia now ‘open for business’
3. U.S. TOUR OF DR. OTTO VON HABSBURG ANNOUNCED Habsburg to Visit Washington, D.C., Cleveland, and New York, April 9-23 2005
4. 2015 Free Market Road Show in Bratislava – Keynote speech by keynote speech was delivered by Ambassador Gabriela von Habsburg
5. The Habsburgs’ new empire – The princess and the bear …
6. Tabula Rasa – The sculpture was designed as a public monument marking Georgia’s transition from Soviet rule to independent democracy, symbolizing the separation of its three main powers — the executive, legislature and judiciary. It is called “The Monument to the Three Powers of the State.”

Juan Orlando Hernández HONDURAS
President of Honduras
1. Narco-Politics Cast Shadow on Honduran Presidents: Court Documents
2. US prosecutors accuse Honduran president of taking drug money
3. Honduran President set to take power in wake of bloody elections – Opposition cries foul after vote count abruptly halted leading to change in result
4. Honduras protest crackdown: Five things to know: Protests against President Juan Orlando Hernandez are likely to continue as the anniversary of the 2009 coup approaches.
5. Honduras protest: ‘We want this narco-dictator out of presidency’
6. Hondurans React to Bribe Offered by El Chapo to President: ‘We Live in a Narcostate.’
7. Yet More Accusations Against Honduras President, But Will They Matter?

Mark Klugmann HONDURAS
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Director of the International Center for Pension Reform, White House Speechwriter, creator of the LEAP model
1. Can Honduras’ ZEDE become a new “Hong Kong” or the next “Singapore”?LEAP Zones, Mark Klugmann, Presidential Commissioner, ZEDE of Honduras, Barcelona Free Market Road Show April 2014
2. LEAP Zones: A Legal, Economic, Administrative and Political Framework for Free Cities
3.The Future of Europe, Panel 3, Part 3
4. Free Market Roadshow 2017 – Mark Klugmann
5.The man behind the man

Ricardo Rodolfo Maduro Joest HONDURAS
Former President of Honduras, National Party of Honduras
1. Honduras’s Experiment With Free-Market Cities
2. Romer’s “Resignation” Adds Credibility to the Honduran Project
3. Now SouthCom’s in control: SouthCom grabs the reins of an ALBA member state
4. Maduro: Zelaya acted illegally and violated the laws and the Constitution of Honduras
5. Death of son persuades Honduran to take to political stage

Salem Ben Nasser Al-Ismaily OMAN
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
CEO of the Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development
1. Special Economic Zone at Duqm – SEZAD & PAIPED Partner Up
2. Oman Sultan assures JPM of Industrial Drive Support
3. UK Defence Secretary Concludes Visit to Oman – delegation went on tour to the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZD)
4. Oman- Sultanate to support Tanzanian economy through investments in different sectors – Oman is keen to develop the Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone into a bustling investment area.

Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. About Grover Norquist
2. Meet the Conservatives Who Campaigned for Apartheid South Africa
3. The Incredible Life Of Grover Norquist, The Man Behind The GOP’s Famous Tax Pledge
4. Sarah Elliott, Republicans Overseas UK Chairman made her Territorial Taxation for Individual (TTFI) Americans abroad presentation to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday meeting participants in DC. Grover’s Wednesday meetings are usually attended by over 100 Hill staff members and leaders from national conservative organizations. Grover’s national conservative coalition groups on tax issues are committed to make Citizenship Based Taxation (CBT) obsolete by supporting Congressman Holding’s TTFI bill passage. Thanks Sarah. Thanks Grover.
5. Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK
6. Grover Norquist: The Soul of the New Machine
7. Norquist appears to be on fast track to become Pentagon’s No. 2 (Brother)

Octavio Rubén Sánchez Barrientos HONDURAS
Founding Member – ZEDE CAMP
Former Minister for Culture & President Porfirio Lobo’s Chief of Staff 
1. Who Wants to Buy Honduras?
2. Koreans Reveal Initial Infrastructure Needs for Honduran ZEDEs
3. Honduras and its libertarian experiment in the Gulf of Fonseca
4. A ‘coup’ in Honduras? Nonsense.
5.Behind the race to build utopian city-states in the Honduran jungle

Surse Pierpoint PANAMA
General Manager of Colon Import & Export, S.A., President of the Colon Free Trade Users Association, President of Liberty Foundation Panama and Mont Pelerin Society member.
1. Beating Poverty with Free Zones in Panama
2. Colón Port: Panama’s Free-Trade Experiment
4. President, Liberty Foundation Panama

Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. CATO Institute – Former Senior Fellow
2. Saving Honduras by Richard Rahn
3. Editorial Board member, Cayman Financial Review (ceased)
4. Gloria Alvarez & Richard Rahn Will Be Honored In Vienna!
5. Americans Freely Finding Common Bonds with One Another Is Not Racism
6. Richard Rahn – DeSmog

Michael Reagan USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Son of US President Ronald Reagan, radio host.
1. MICHAEL REAGAN: The Proof — Reaganomics Defeats Keynesianomics aka Obamanomics Every Time
2. The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan’s Principles Can Restore America’s Greatness Paperback
3. Michael Reagan: California turning into Venezuela

Mark Skousen USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Economist, Author, former President of the Foundation for Economic Education, former CIA Economic Analyst.
1. Will Technology Cause Massive Unemployment? The Lessons of History
2. The 2019 Global Financial Summit Cruise
3. Global Financial Summit – The Birthplace of Austrian Economics Cruise (2017) with Dr Barbara Kolm
4. Public Bailouts an option to save the economy (European Resource Bank webinar)
5. Tribute to my uncle, W. Cleon Skousen
6. The #1 Lesson I Learned in Miami Last Week (Mont Pelerin Society)
7. A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street – Austrian economics for investors

Loren A. Smith USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Judge, US Court of Federal Campaigns, President Reagan campaign advisor and defence attorney for President Nixon in the Watergate scandal.
1. United States Court of Federal Claims – Judge Loren A. Smith
2. Libertarian judge and magician advises Honduras on the legal system of the “model cities”
4. Using Federal Courts To Attack Community and Environmental Protections
5. The original documents are located in Box 45, folder “President – Campaign Unauthorized Campaign Committees” of the Philip Buchen Files at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

Faith Whittlesey
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Faith Whittlesey, Conservative Voice and Reagan Aide, Dies at 79
4.Group of Catholic advisers signs on with Trump
5. Ron Paul Is Launching His Own Foreign Policy Institute


…if unproven experimental right-wing think tank theory is implemented without any ethical, social or environmental safeguarding or public representation?

… if Honduran ex-President ‘Pepe Lobo’ Porfirio Lobo Sosa, had handpicked a 21 member global Committee of Best Practices (CAMP) and appointed the Hayek Institute’s Dr Barbara Kolm as the President of the CAMP Committee and head of ZEDE Board of Trustees. This is the same President Lobo whose wife is currently in prison serving 58-years for corruption, and whose son is in prison in the USA serving 24 years for narcotics crimes.

… if the same Honduran President Lobo forced through the ZEDE legislation by removing opposing judges in a secretive midnight session in what was referred to as a ‘Technical Coup‘. Initially, the Honduran judiciary ruled ZEDEs as unconstitutional with judges voting 4:1 against the required constitutional change. However, legislation was passed once ‘Pepe Lobo’ sacked the four opposing judges and later the one judge supporting ZEDEs was made Attorney General.

… if the mastermind of modern Charter Cities, Paul Romer, had withdrawn from the project due to Dr Barbara Kolm’s CAMP refusing to implement a Transparency Commission. (Although Professor Lan Cao’s Charter City report in the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, page 743, suggests that Romer’s departure may have been in protest to the extrajudicial murder of two human rights lawyers opposing such schemes, and states that “Romer withdrew from the reform shortly after the assassination of a Honduran human rights attorney, who was responsible for bringing a constitutional challenge to the RED legislation prompting the questionable removal of four Supreme Court justices who posed a threat to the reform”. REDs were a precursor to ZEDEs.

…if the Honduran Government had handed the powers of a pseudo-Congress to the ZEDE Committee of Best Practices, in effect making them the unelected dictators within the new jurisdiction (and without a plebiscite).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png


… if the current Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernández, who gave the Roatan project final approval in May 2020, has been auctioning-off ZEDE investment opportunities on the global money marketplace. Notably, Hernandez himself is under investigation for narcotic crimes, and his brother, Tony, has been convicted in the USA for major cocaine and gun trafficking and is linked to notorious Mexican cartel boss ‘El Chapo’ Joaquín Guzmán Loera.

ZEDE Government and Governance

The model for government and governance within the Roatán ZEDE is exceptionally lean, in line with libertarian ideals.

The Committee of Best Practices (CAMP) has oversight and control over all aspects of life in a ZEDE, for example, new residents in the ZEDE have to be proposed by the local ZEDE Roatán Committee and approved by CAMP. The local committee can propose new laws and regulation however it appears CAMP has the right of veto. Dr Tom W. Bell of the CATO Institute and ULEX, likens CAMP to the US Congress, the obvious difference being that the US Congress consists of elected officials rather than an international panel of vested interests appointed directly, in the case of Honduras, by a President with apparent links to organised crime. Undaunted, Chair of ZEDE CAMP, Dr Barbara Kolm is extremely clear on her view of that the singular role of government is the provision of the rule of law.

FMRSMadrid – Barbara Kolm Interview: The State of Liberty in Europe 2016
7:02 | Dr Barbara Kolm talks about the role of government

Under the oversight of CAMP, NeWay Capital LLC and Honduras Próspera have emerged as the investment vehicle and the development company. The CEO of both companies, Erick Brimen is a Babson College graduate who works closely with Babson Global Inc’s Shanker Singham as you may remember from Case 1 – The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate. Interestingly both NeWay Capital and Próspera Honduras have almost identical Boards and Advisory Boards, rather peculiar given the different functions they perform.

International Advisory Boards

Click here for links to read more about NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras LLC International Advisory Board Members

Shanker Singham UK
Babson Global Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project leader
Advisory Board – International Trade & Development – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisor – TUM
1. “Shanker Singham works to create Enterprise Cities, zones with regulatory autonomy from their host governments. He brings decades of experience to his role as Managing Director of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project at Babson Global, where he works with entrepreneurs and government officials to establish the pre-conditions required for developing cities to flourish.”
2. Brexit’s Catholic Mr Fixit
3. Center for International Private Enterprise – The Promise of Enterprise Cities (2014) by Shanker Singham
4. Enterprise Cities, Competition, and Economic Growth
5. Local Governments Are Changing the World
6. Revealed: Legatum’s “extraordinary” secretive monthly meetings with Brexit minister. A controversial think tank that argued for a hard Brexit and has been linked with Russian intelligence had monthly meetings with a leading Brexit minister.

Advisory Board – Policy & Industry – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisory Board – ULEX
Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives
1. House Floor Votes 2018 – Week 9
2. Meet Joel Bomgar: A New Wave of Liberty Legislators
3. Roatan Ventures, LLC
4. “Bomgar has already spent a hefty sum supporting House Speaker Philip Gunn’s agenda to dismantle Mississippi’s public education system.”
5. Introducing the “Prospera Platform”
6. NRA Awards Joel Bomgar Highest Rating
7. Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi Economic Council and Mississippi Public Universities Launch Blueprint Mississippi Social Business Challenge (Bomgar on Steering Committee)
8. Bomgar is CATO 200 Institute donor.

Shayjay Booshan LONDON
Advisory Board – Próspera Honduras
1. Customizable Communities Could Be the Key to the Future of Urban Housing
2. Realizing Architecture’s Disruptive Potential
3. Free Private Cities Architecture Symposium

Michael Castle Miller
Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Can free zones fix the global refugee crisis?
2. Miller, Michael R. Castle. “THE CIUDADES MODELO PROJECT: TESTING THE LEGALITY OF PAUL ROMER’S CHARTER CITIES CONCEPT BY ANALYZING THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE HONDURAN ZONES FOR EMPLOYMENT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.” Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution 22, no. 2 (2015): 271-312. (Requires registration to view)
3. Refugee Cities – Michael Castle Miller
4. The Practice of Special Economic Zones: Michael Castle Miller

Paul Critchlow NEW YORK
Advisory Board – Public Finance & Strategy – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1. Formerly a Vice Chairman at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Paul Critchlow celebrated his 70th birthday as a summer intern at Pfizer Inc.
2. Thornburgh talking with Paul Critchlow, Robin Ross, and Jay Waldman at Republican National Convention
3. Three Mile Island: 36 years ago, the accident few had planned for
4. Paul Critchlow – profile
5. Merrill Lynch, Protection Rackets and the “P.R. Firm from Hell”

Steve Dauphin ALABAMA
Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Red Sea Farms teams with Kirchner Group
2. The Antigua Forum – invited attendee
3. Steve Dauphin speaks at University Cities Conference
4. UK, Lexington Host First University Cities Conference

Jan Michael Dieckman Carlson HONDURAS
Advisory Board – Local Politics and Strategy – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Local Council Member – Próspera Roatan
1. Linked-in
2. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – (US $4,286,200.00 for contract for delivery of education services).
3. Aspen Global Leadership Network, Central America Leadership Initiative, Fellowship Class Name: Class VI: Sixnificance
4. Informe de Progreso Educativo Honduras 2017 – Educación, ant/uploads/2017/07/InformedeProgresoEducativo2017.pdf
5. Jan Michael Dieckmann with First Lady of Honduras, Carolina Maduro de Villeda, at the Taiwanese Embassy in Honduras

Jeff Singer BAHRAIN
Advisory Board – Development, Finance & Governance – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
1. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group appoints a new Group CEO
2. Bahrain’s Kanoo Group plans to change legal structure with the time
3. Jeff Singer completes successful four years as CEO of NASDAQ Dubai to take up new position at DIFC Authority; Hamed Ali is appointed Chief Operating Officer

Oliver Porter GEORGIA USA
Advisory Board – City Management – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1. For 14 years, leaders preached the power of the private sectorevangelizing the model to a slew of start-up cities. But after years of outsourcing the bulk of its workforce, Sandy Springs decided this week to bring most of those workers in-house.
2. The Contract City Concept: How Public/Private Partnerships Can Save Michigan Cities with Oliver Porter
3. How Oliver Porter created a privately run city
4. The Man Who Outsourced the Government
5. Sandy Springs founder joins privatized city-state project in Honduras

Patrick Schumacher LONDON
Advisory Board – Urban Development & Design – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
2. Zaha Hadid’s successor: my blueprint for the future
3. “It is time to stop listening to Patrik Schumacher”
4. Patrik Schumacher comes under fire for statements on privatization

Chirag Shah DUBAI
Advisory Board – Development, Finance & Governance – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
1.Global Business Forum Latin America 2019 Panama – Speaker profile
2. Dubai International Financial Centre Highlights the Significant Role of International Financial Centres in Economic Growth at City Week 2015
3. Chirag explica cómo funciona Dubai!!! Jamás antes explicado 😮 Chirag Shah explains how Dubai works.

Jonathan Swanson PUERTO RICO
Advisory Board – Governance and Technology – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisor – Pronomos Capital
1. How this White House intern landed a job in the West Wing as Deputy Associate Director of the National Economic Council, and then founded a venture-backed company worth millions
2. Tech Envisions the Ultimate Start-Up: An Entire City
3. Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential – People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones

Ott Vatter ESTONIA
Advisory Board – E-Governance – NeWay Capital and Próspera Honduras
1. One Country’s Uber-Convenient, Incredibly Invasive Digital ID System – Residents of Estonia use their digital identities to vote, fill prescriptions and start businesses. Proponents say the system solves one of the internet’s thorniest issues, but cybersecurity and privacy advocates have raised concerns.
2. Life in Estonia. Winter 2020   (pages 11-14)
3. Why Estonia pioneered digital identity
4. Digitizing the State | Ott Vatter, Deputy Director at e-Residency
5. A Brexit refuge: The Baltic nation offering hope to UK startups
6. With voter ID plans criticised, what election technology alternatives are there?

Advisory Board – Urban Planning & Design – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1.Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young. Infrastructure 2013: Global Priorities, Global Insights. Washington, D.C.: Urban Land Institute, 2013. – Principal Researcher & Advisor$FILE/Infrastructure_2013.pdf
2. US Chamber of Commerce Foundation – Ewe Brandes
3. World Resources Institute – Helping cities make big ideas happen. Uwe Brandes profile.

Having read through the information we have provided in Case 1 – The Tabula Rasa about Babson Global Inc, we now put that into context with the information covered in this section we find ourselves asking questions about the logical and ethical structure of the entire ZED project. Looking at even just one section of the organisational chart there appears to be no other conclusions other than that there is:

  • Clear and fundamental conflicts of interest and people in multiple roles
  • Serious concerns about lack of international oversight into what is effectively nation- building
  • Substantially more focus on making huge profits for investors than benefiting the indigenous peoples
  • No clear plan for failsafe environmental protection
  • Total lack of meaningful representation for the indigenous peoples
  • Erosion of fundamental human rights
  • Questions regarding how International Law will apply
  • Serious concerns about how Freedom of Speech for independent journalists and campaigners will be affected
  • The current composition of CAMP is unknown
  • Serious concerns about the removal of transparency commission
  • Serious concerns about how ZEDEs will be used totally bypass the EU’s Tax Avoidance Directive
  • Involvment of Honduran official that are or have been under US Federal investigation for involvement in the narcotics trade
  • Serious questions about the entire risk and communication strategies

Final National Lawyers Guild ZEDE Report

“Instead of fulfilling its obligations to care for its citizens, Honduras is relinquishing those duties to international investors who are focused on increasing profits, not providing for economic and personal security. The international community must monitor for a potential human rights disaster created when the Honduran government privatizes the state functions that serve as its core organizing principles and obligations.”

Report of the National Lawyers Guild Delegation Investigation of Zones for Economic Development and Employment in Honduras

NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras LLC Board and Executive Team

Click here to read more about Próspera Honduras LLC Board and Executive Team Members

CEO – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Council Member – ZEDE Roatan
1. Erick Brimen – Entrepreneur
2. Erick Brimen, Shanker Singham on “Developing Enterprise Cities”
3. Edginton Post Show – Erick Brimen & Shanker Singham 15 July 2011 discussing the Enterprise Cities Project
4. Erick Brimen is a Partner at NeWAY Capital, focused on alternative real estate strategies that drive socioeconomic development. In parallel to alternative real estate, Mr. Brimen leads the firm’s efforts on blockchain technologies as they relate both to the firm’s fund structuring efforts, and in exploring ways in which blockchain and crypto currency innovations are best deployed to enhance real estate functionality and overall value of investments.
5. 08/02/15: Investing Inspiration and Enlightenment from Freedom Fest

Nick Dranias ARIZONA
General Councel – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
CLO/Trustee – Próspera Arbitration Centre Standing Competence and Ethics Committee
1. Nick Dranias is a policy advisor and research fellow for The Heartland Institute.
2. Atlas Network People – Nick Dranias
3. “Put simply, public disclosure of a rare and valuable supplier of lethal-injection drugs chills other current and potential suppliers, and facilitates the escalating ‘guerilla war against the death penalty,’” wrote Nick Dranias, senior litigation counsel for the Arizona attorney general, in a brief submitted Friday.
4. ALEC Push for Constitutional Convention Hits a Roadblock of Infighting, Legal Questions
5.Arizona legislation would ban bargaining with public workers
6. New Report Exposes Extreme ALEC Agenda in Arizona

Gabriel Delgado Ayau GUATEMALA
Partner, CRO & Advisory Board Próspera Honduras
Partner & Chief Development Officer NeWay Captial
Council Member ZEDE Roatan
1. Liberty Fest 2017- Offshore companies – Company without borders
2. Fellow of the sixth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.
3. How to Grow a City: A Look Inside Honduran ZEDEs
4. IDEAS OF FREEDOM Our mission is the teaching and dissemination of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible people. Francisco Marroquín University.
5. Grandfather, Manuel, was first Latin American to be President of Mont Pelerin Society. Richard Rahn has written a tribute to Manuel Delgado.
6. What Would It Be Like to Live in a Town Run by Investors?
“Areas would be managed by developers and investors, under an appointed technical secretary and the ational Committee of Best Practices, but residential areas could also be organized by homeowner associations or condo-style boards, Delgado says. Still, the main accountability of the ZEDE management will be to investors.”

Executive Director – Próspera Honduras
Development Officer/Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Cornerstone Capital Group
2. Piedmont Fund Services
3. GLobal cities of the future Pt1 – Property Council of Australia 2010 Gale International’s Tom Murcott previews the international business district Songdo in Korea – “the most expensive private real estate development in history”.

Chief Operating Officer 
Nicholas Jenkins WASHINGTON DC

Chief of Staff 

Chief of Strategy 

Deputy General Counsel
Humberto N Macias HONDURAS

Rodrigo Quercia BRAZIL

Próspera’s proposition for the Roatán ZEDE can best be explained by this *must watch* presentation on a Bay Islands local television special by Erick Brimen, CEO of NeWay Capital and Próspera Honduras. Watch from timestamp 17:08.

Próspera aims to not be limited to one location on Roatan, and Brimen sees his project not only expanding around Crawfish Rock, but thought the island and beyond.The idea is to have multiple hubs thought the island that voluntarily annex,” said Brimen. “We don’t own it all; in fact we don’t have to own it for it to become incorporated.”

This TV presentation conflicts with Brimen’s speech to the Crawfish Rock inhabitants a few days later where, surrounded by armed guards, he threatens locals with expropriation. His armed guards then engage in a scuffle with local municipal police.

This directive, sent to Roatán residents by Próspera ZEDE, ordering all Roatán residents to apply for paid ZEDE citizenships on their own land is the cause of the unrest.

In July 2020, four Garifuna youth leaders and protestors were forcibly removed from their homes by State Security Services and have not been seen since. Honduras is a country where protestors are regularly ‘disappeared’ by authorities. This context makes the following phone call by Erick Brimen to the mother of a ZEDE protestor, threatening to have her daughter arrested for writing a letter of complaint about Próspera, particularly worrying:

Despite reassurances that local Hondurans will be employed wherever possible, there are currently no indications that long term training programs and resources will be sufficient to raise skill levels high enough for this new cutting edge hypercapitalist society. The only commitment is that 90% of day-labour will be Honduran.

Whilst the ZEDE Syndicate claim they will raise living standards of the local population, they are in fact only offering salaries 10% higher than the rest of Honduras, which for poverty-stricken people is unlikely to cover the cost of the annual residency fee and mandatory personal indemnity insurance. If either of these ‘existence taxes’ within the ZEDE are not paid then Hayeks recommendation of using market forces to drive these people off their own land will become reality, as he had proposed to the British Government as a solution for ridding Gibraltar of it’s local inhabitants in 1944.


Click here to read more about ULEX Team Members

Tom Bell
1. Your Next Government? From the nation state to stateless nations, TOM W. BELL, Chapman University

GEBEL, Titus
Partner – NeWay Capital
Investor – Próspera Honduras
Advisor and former Chief Legal Officer – ULEX
1. Entrepreneur Gebel launches an independent private city on the Honduran island of Roatán
2. Free Private Cities
3. Will ‘prosperity zones’ bring wider benefits to Honduras?
4. Niche company aims to become natural resource heavyweight
5. If you don’t like the way your country is run, build your own Utopia
6. Titus Gebel Discusses His Legal Proposals for Free Private Cities
7. Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You (note review from Nick Dranias)
8. Free Private Cities – Crypto’s Need a Safe Haven

Patri Friedman
Advisory Board ULEX
1. The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is Land!/homepage
2. The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is LandPatri Friedman started Pronomos Capital, with more money from Peter Thiel, to establish mini-city-states.
3. SeaSteading- Building on the Platform of the Oceans: Patri Friedman at TEDxSF
4. Former “Seasteaders” Come Ashore To Start Libertarian Utopias In Honduran Jungle

Advisory Board – Policy & Industry – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisory Board – ULEX
Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives
1. House Floor Votes 2018 – Week 9
2. Meet Joel Bomgar: A New Wave of Liberty Legislators
3. Roatan Ventures, LLC
4. “Bomgar has already spent a hefty sum supporting House Speaker Philip Gunn’s agenda to dismantle Mississippi’s public education system.”
5. Introducing the “Prospera Platform”
6. NRA Awards Joel Bomgar Highest Rating
7. Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi Economic Council and Mississippi Public Universities Launch Blueprint Mississippi Social Business Challenge (Bomgar on Steering Committee)
8. Bomgar is CATO 200 Institute donor.

Joseph McKinney COLOMBIA

Matt McKibbin TEXAS

Michael Elliot

James Anderson

The ZEDE Roatan Charter enables the leaseholder of the ZEDE, in this case, Próspera Honduras LLC, to create their own civil and commercial laws. Justice in ZEDEs is based on a system being called ‘baseball arbitration’ whereby each party appoints an arbiter, then the arbiters select a third arbiter to work as an adjudicator.

ULEX, a team of legal professionals headed up by the CATO Institute’s charismatic Professor Tom Bell, is developing the legislative code and also the tool used to initiate ‘baseball arbitration’. An ‘independent’ arbitration service, Próspera Arbitration Center (PAC), has been established with an international panel of arbiters to adjudicate on legal disputes. Juries and the right of appeal, do not exist in ZEDEs.

1:20 | Baseball Arbitration explained

It is important to recognise, as stated in the video above, that this system is designed so that the losing party in any dispute pays. Working-class people of the ZEDE are in effect being frozen-out of legal representation due to the cost, and complexity of employing these highly skilled international resources. This is an extremely important fact when you are a subsistence farmer or fisherman fighting the might of the ZEDE organisation to retain your traditional indigenous landowner rights.

Professor Tom Bell explains the concept of Startup Cities Institute

In 2013, Professor Tom W. Bell, Adjunct Scholar and Policy Director at the CATO Institute, described his vision for creating a new form of legislature, called ULEX.  The ULEX online platform of reference laws for the ZEDE jurisdictions and has been approved by the CAMP or ‘Congress’ as Tom Bell described it.

The modular functionality of ULEX effectively allows businesses, organisations or individuals to ‘cherry-pick’ sections of law from almost any country and incorporate these into the’organic’ legal framework of any ZEDE to suit their particular purposes. Whilst this may appear to be an easy legal tool, there are risks involved in terms of lack of holistic continuity in contrast to a system which has evolved over time with appropriate scrutiny and change control. It may also be more open to abuse and could diminish the rights of the indigenous population even further.

Professor Tom Bell…..judge the ULEX law system for yourself

Professor Tom Bell describes the ULEX concept (2018)

This ULEX vision is now a reality, and the ULEX system has been selected as the legal framework for ZEDEs, with Roatan earmarked as the testbed for this experiment. In the following video, Professor Tom Bell explains from timestamp 4:00 the progress of ULEX and his roles with multiple organisations. The latest version of the ULEX opensource legislation, mandated by the ZEDE Common-Law code, can be found on GitHub

Given the number of years that ULEX has been in development, at first glance there are some notable omissions as detailed in the Report of the National Lawyers Guild Delegation Investigation of Zones for Economic Development and Employment in Honduras, details the failings of the ZEDE legal framework, including key omissions, including:

  • Indigenous landowner rights
  • Anti-sex-discrimination laws
  • Racial and religious discrimination
  • Habeas Corpus
  • Disability rights
  • Universal suffrage
  • Anti-money laundering legislation
  • Privacy
  • The right of appeal on Próspera Arbitration Centre rulings

On deeper inspection we have discovered that many of the links in the new ULEX Roatan Legal Code trace to Wayback Machine, an automated web archive used to retrieve deleted pages. For example, section 2.6.2. Wards: ULC, Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act (1997).

Wayback archive:

Page not found on Uniform Law Commission website:

Is this a legal system that you would like to live under? The Centre for International Environment Law are not convinced.

Decentralization post COVID-19: Ulex, Holocracy, DAOstack |Tom W. Bell, Brian Robertson, Matan Field

Timestamp: 04:15 | Professor Tom Bell showcases the ULEX system and promotes his book Your Next Government? From the Nation State to Stateless Nations.

Próspera Arbitration Centre (PAC) – a Kangaroo Court?

Click here to read more about Próspera Arbitration Centre Board Members

Humberto N Macias HONDURAS
Deputy Legal Counsel for NeWay Capital and Honduras Próspera LLC

Commercial Arbiter
Dr Pablo Palma Calderón GERMANY & CHILE

Tort/Other Senior Arbiter
John Gemmill ARIZONA

Eviction Arbiter

Civil Penalty (Quasi-Criminal) Senior Arbiter
Kenneth Mangum ARIZONA

Hazardous Activity Arbiter
Mark Higgins AUSTRALIA 

Energy and Resources Arbiter
Martin Klapper AUSTRALIA 

Senior Arbiter
John Pellander ARIZONA

A new company has been established to provide arbitration and judicial services within the Roatan ZEDE, Próspera Arbitration Centre (PAC). The autonomy of PAC is at best questionable as the CEO, Humberto Macias, is Deputy Legal Counsel for both NeWay Capital LLC (the ZEDE investment vehicle) and Honduras Próspera (the ZEDE leaseholder). One of the arbiters, Australian mining and resources barrister, Martin Klapper, is an ambassador for Titus Gebel’s Free Private Cities.

A PAC Standing Competence and Ethics Committee (SCEC) has been established, with responsibilities including, “Receiving and adjudicating complaints filed by members of the public concerning the conduct of Artibers and Senior Arbiters in active service”. The SCEC is comprised entirely of PAC arbiters with one notable exception – Nick Dranias, who is the General Legal Counsel both Honduras Próspera LLC and NeWay Capital LLC.

This conflicted PAC structure has been approved by Dr Kolm’s Committee of Best Practices and is a cause for great concern for the local residents being forcibly incorporated into the ZEDE.

“What is the legal status of Roatán Próspera and how can it guarantee continuity?

The Próspera ZEDE was legally established on December 29, 2017, as a public-private partnership with a renewable 50-year term. In doing so, the government of Honduras allowed Honduras Próspera LLC, incorporated in Delaware, to promote and organize the 60-acre parcel of land that it acquired on Roatán. “

Próspera Roatan Committee

Click here to read more aboutPróspera Roatan Committee Members

Tristan Monterroso ROATÁN, HONDURAS
Roatán ZEDE Technical Secretary (Governor/Overseer)
1. Hondurans Take ‘Deep Dive’ Into Global Online Marketplace
2. North Bay Foundation
3. The Institute for Excellence: Spotlight on Virginia
4. Solution to our immigration crisis begins well south of the border
5. Victoriosos – Pastor Tristan Monterroso
6. Pastor Tristan Monterroso Preparate

CEO – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Council Member – ZEDE Roatan
1. Erick Brimen – Entrepreneur
2. Erick Brimen, Shanker Singham on “Developing Enterprise Cities”
3. Edginton Post Show – Erick Brimen & Shanker Singham 15 July 2011 discussing the Enterprise Cities Project
4. Erick Brimen is a Partner at NeWAY Capital, focused on alternative real estate strategies that drive socioeconomic development. In parallel to alternative real estate, Mr. Brimen leads the firm’s efforts on blockchain technologies as they relate both to the firm’s fund structuring efforts, and in exploring ways in which blockchain and crypto currency innovations are best deployed to enhance real estate functionality and overall value of investments.
5. 08/02/15: Investing Inspiration and Enlightenment from Freedom Fest

Jan Michael Dieckman Carlson HONDURAS
Advisory Board – Local Politics and Strategy – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Local Council Member – Próspera Roatan
1. Linked-in
2. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – (US $4,286,200.00 for contract for delivery of education services).
3. Aspen Global Leadership Network, Central America Leadership Initiative, Fellowship Class Name: Class VI: Sixnificance
4. Informe de Progreso Educativo Honduras 2017 – Educación, ant/uploads/2017/07/InformedeProgresoEducativo2017.pdf
5. Jan Michael Dieckmann with First Lady of Honduras, Carolina Maduro de Villeda, at the Taiwanese Embassy in Honduras

Gabriel Delgado Ayau GUATEMALA
Partner, CRO & Advisory Board Próspera Honduras
Partner & Chief Development Officer NeWay Captial
Council Member ZEDE Roatan
1. Liberty Fest 2017- Offshore companies – Company without borders
2. Fellow of the sixth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.
3. How to Grow a City: A Look Inside Honduran ZEDEs
4. IDEAS OF FREEDOM Our mission is the teaching and dissemination of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible people. Francisco Marroquín University.
5. Grandfather, Manuel, was first Latin American to be President of Mont Pelerin Society. Richard Rahn has written a tribute to Manuel Delgado.
6. What Would It Be Like to Live in a Town Run by Investors?
“Areas would be managed by developers and investors, under an appointed technical secretary and the ational Committee of Best Practices, but residential areas could also be organized by homeowner associations or condo-style boards, Delgado says. Still, the main accountability of the ZEDE management will be to investors.”

Oliver Porter GEORGIA USA
Advisory Board – City Management – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1. For 14 years, leaders preached the power of the private sectorevangelizing the model to a slew of start-up cities. But after years of outsourcing the bulk of its workforce, Sandy Springs decided this week to bring most of those workers in-house.
2. The Contract City Concept: How Public/Private Partnerships Can Save Michigan Cities with Oliver Porter
3. How Oliver Porter created a privately run city
4. The Man Who Outsourced the Government
5. Sandy Springs founder joins privatized city-state project in Honduras

Executive Director – Próspera Honduras
Development Officer/Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Cornerstone Capital Group
2. Piedmont Fund Services
3. GLobal cities of the future Pt1 – Property Council of Australia 2010 Gale International’s Tom Murcott previews the international business district Songdo in Korea – “the most expensive private real estate development in history”.

The Technical Secretary plays a key role in society within a ZEDE. Likened to an ‘overseer’ by Mark Klugmann, this colonial-style governor has the ability to create new laws and regulations, and sign contracts with service providers for the zone. In the case of ZEDE Roatan, the Technical Secretary, Tristan Monterroso, a local pastor, real estate agent and friend of the CEO of the ZEDE leaseholder, Eric Brimen.

There is little to write about this committee as there seems to be no transparency.

Extract: Roatan ZEDE Charter/Bill of Rights 2019


Case 3

The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile & Neocolonialism

We highlight the tragic impact of the Tabula Rasa and Enterprise Cities on the indigenous Garifuna people on the island of Roatán, Honduras.

These people and their supporters are being forced from their land so that an Enterprise City can be built on their unspoiled island, and in some cases being assassinated or ‘disappeared’, for daring to reject the Tabula Rasa vision.

Shining City Upon a Hill

A curious sequence of events

The Austrian former Far-Right FPÖ candidate, and increasingly influential Dr Barbara Kolm of the Hayek Institute and Austrian Economics Centre is a woman of ambition. Dr Kolm (also known as Dr Kolm-Lamprechter unusually using the surname of her current and previous husbands) has been on a one-woman crusade for over 20 years to convince the world that the Austrian Libertarian school of thought was the only way to safeguard the future of global economics and government policy.

In 2003, Dr Kolm, one of the most outspoken critics of the European Union, launched the European Resource Bank (ERB) with influential Liechtenstein Academy Professor and Mont Pelerin Society member Hardy Bouillon and others. The ERB is not a bank per se, but a collective of powerful Think Tanks and lobbyists.

In 2005, Dr Kolm had received the “Templeton Freedom Award for special achievements from Free Market Think Tanks ” at the annual Atlas Foundation conference in Miami which was attended by representatives from 350 Think Tanks from 67 countries. There she announced that her Hayek institute in Vienna would host the 2006 ERB meeting to provide an EU equivalent of that Atlas Conference and that “Austria must now prove that the ‘Austrian School of Economics’ has an adequate status in its home country,

In 2006, concerns were being already raised about global economic growth, debt levels and sustainability. Russia’s rapid political shifts since the 1990s were also introducing new challenges to existing status quo as the wealth of billionaire Oligarchs gained them more leverage over policy.

Dr Andrei Illarionov resigned in 2005 from his position as chief economic advisor to Vladimir Putin where he had served from 2000-2005, and in 2006 joined the US CATO Institute. He voiced concerns that restrictions being placed on Libertarian Think Tanks influence in Russia, preventing Free Market Trade to grow and generating distortions in the global economy.

Later that year, during the ERB meeting at Vienna’s Raiffeisen Bank, an invitation was sent out for a hastily arranged news conference, hosted by the FA v. Hayek Institute on June 30th,

The speakers for this new conference were:
Benjamin Netanyahu – Israeli Prime Minister (1996-1999, 2009-present)
Dr Barbara Kolm – Founding Director of the Austrian Economic Centre (AEC) and vice-president of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) (since 2018)
Dr Andrei Illarionov – CATO Institute Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Liberty and Prosperity (2006-present)
Boyden C. Gray – US Ambassador to the EU
Ivan Miklos – Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister of Slovakia

The next day on July 2nd 2006, attendees of that ERB meeting and press conference decided to produce this Statement of Concern for Freedom in Russia which was issued on july 2nd 2006, signed by 111 Libertarians, most of whom were hugely influntial and included:

Matthew Elliott – Chief Executive Officer of Brexit Vote LEAVE, World Taxpayers Association (WTA), UK Taxpayers Alliance (TPA), Legatum
Grover Norquist –
American Taxpayers Alliance (ATA)
Hardy Bouillon
– Mont Pelerin Society
Enrique Ghersi – Vice President Mont Pelerin Society, CATO Institute, Independent Institute UK’s Adam Smith Institute have a global reach.

And the following day on July 3rd 2006, Dr Kolm would be a key speaker at London’s notorious Institute of Economic Affairs (who were to become instrumental in making Britain’s Brexit happen) at 55 Tufton Street, with one of the most powerful men on earth that very few people have heard of – Alejandro Chafuen. Argentian born Mr Chafuen was the Atlas Network’s President and CEO from 1991 to 2018.

By August 2007, the financial crisis had begun to take hold and the following month, on 12th September 2007, the EU Commission would issue this communication aimed at mitigating the damage with it’s new budgetary reform.

As efforts to repair the immense damage caused by the financial crash continued a newly formed Coalition of Free Europe Think Tanks issued this paper “RESTART THE EU BUDGET: “Ctrl+Alt+Del” 1Position Paper RESTART THE EU BUDGET: “Ctrl+Alt+Del”

The paper which featured many of the signatories from the 2006 statement including Dr Barbara Kolm, Tufton Street’s Matthew Elliott and Hardy Bouillon, but interestingly also the ultra-far right Sebastian Gorka who would later cause widespread condemnation for wearing a Vitezi medal at Donald Trumps’ inauguration ceremony

To put this into context, the VItezi medal was created by self confessed anti-semite Hungarian ruler Miklos Horthy, who had served in the Austro-Hungarian Navy under Habsburg rule during World War 1. Horthy made an alliance with Hitler during World War 2 which resulted in 424,000 Hungarian Jews being deported to Auschwitz in just eight weeks in 1944. In total approximately 565,000 Hungarian jews were murdered

Questions must be therefore asked about the relationship between far right Libertarian think tanks, the politicians they work with, and the projects they are involved with – often out of the public eye.

Case 1 – The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate

The Sovereign Individual, the Babson World Operating System, Honduras and Brexit – sometimes fact is stranger than fiction

A brief encounter…

Marylebone Station, London

Mr Campbell, Mr Campbell,’ – usually it’s ‘Alastair’, so the more formal approach felt different, and as I couldn’t work out where the voice was coming from, I walked on. Then ‘Mr Campbell, Mr Campbell’ became louder, more intense. And then he was there, mid-heatwave a little out of breath.”

On July 24th 2018, former comms and strategy director for the UK Labour party under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, had a strange encounter with someone who claimed to know the real reason behind Brexit.

Campbell later wrote in his blog and the UK’s New European Newspaper:

The most important book you have never heard of, may explain Rees-Mogg’s love of hard Brexit

“My instincts, well-honed after years of meeting strangers in public places who ‘want a word,’ said he was friend, not foe. I was right. He apologised for shouting, apologised for stopping me, said ‘thanks for everything you’re doing on Brexit,’ introduced me to his wife who was also anti-Brexit.

But then things went beyond the usual mutual Remoanering. He had a specific ask. He dipped into his backpack. ‘If I give you this book, do you promise me you will read it?’ he asked. ‘I promise you won’t regret it. More importantly, if you don’t read this book, you won’t fully understand why Brexit is happening.’ The intensity of the eye contact tipped him from being a random bloke on Platform 4, into a man who was meant to be there, carrying an important message. So I took the book. ‘You must read it,’ he said. ‘Even the first chapter. You will see straight away why it matters.”

Part 1: The most important book you have never heard of, may explain Rees-Mogg love of hard Brexit – Alastair Campbell Blog, 18 Sept 2018
Part 2: The book that helps you better understand Brexit and Rees-Mogg

The book given to Alastair was “The Sovereign Individual” by William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson, published in 1997. Rees-Mogg & Davidson’s dystopian vision, along with the condensed edition of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom’ (PDF download), published in 1945 would become pivotal chapters of the ‘bible’ of authoritarian-right.

The doctrines in these books, powerful libertarians all over the world including the controversial Peter Thiel (see below), could introduce, implement and expand the radical concept of Enterprise Cities in various formats known as SEZ’s, Charter Cities, Freeports and ZEDE’s.

This , together with totally redesigning global economic and data systems, would create a tectonic shift in how governments, global trade and indeed how the whole world currently function

The 4th Industrial Revolution has already begun.

Peter Thiel – founder of Paypal and Palantir and an early investor in Facebook, discussing the Sovereign Individual in relation to Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom:

“The Sovereign Individual (Touchstone, 1997), by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, is an unusual book that I read at a singular moment, just before starting PayPal. A lot of thinking about technology oscillates between two extremes: It’s either a big historical force acting over the long term or it’s a matter of short-term trends to bet on. The Sovereign Individual is different because it takes foresight seriously: If you think hard, you can understand and make plans for a future lasting 10, 20 years or more–and that’s how you have to think to be successful.”

Source: What’s the most important or influential book you’ve read? Peter Thiel (PayPal founder) talks to Amit Aujla about Hayek’s ‘Road to Serfdom’.

     The Sovereign Individual – how to survive and thrive during the collapse of the Welfare State.

Read online or download:

     How to explain Jacob Rees-Mogg? Start with his father’s books
There are two British torch-bearers for Baron William Rees-Mogg’s libertarian revolution. One is William’s son, the right-wing authoritarian, elitist, millionaire hedge fund manager, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

The other is Anglo-American Trade Lawyer and economist Shanker Singham, who along with right-wing libertarian extremists including the guileful Matthew Elliott, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker MP and Peruvian born Daniel J. Hannan, is now very much controlling Britain’s Brexit and a staggering amount more.

Singham is the founder of the International Roundtable on Trade and Competition (1997), the Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project (“CECP”) (2013), and the lead author of the SRB economic model to measure Anti-Competitive Market Distortions. He has worked on a number of trade negotiations including the Free Trade Area of the Americas, US-Colombia, US-Peru, US-Panama, TTIP, and TPP. Source: The International Summit on Borders September.

The Sovereign Individual gives a worrying insight into Jacob Rees-Mogg’s enthusiasm for Brexit. This blind faith in disrupting democracy and demolishing regulations is shared by many people of influence across the world, including libertarian former Australian Prime Minister now working for Daniel Hannan’s IFT, Tony Abbott, who are helping make this book’s highly disturbing themes become reality.

Perhaps in the tweet below, Mr Rees-Mogg should have said: “Enterprise Cities shall with commerce shine”.

Mr Rees-Mogg, was clearly echoing the words of former US President Ronald Reagan.”Shining cities” have been a long-term theme with libertarians.

The Babson Simulator – A World Operating System

Our research into what is happening behind all the seemingly endless global political chaos led us to US Babson College, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Babson Global Inc., the powerful commercial wing of Babson College, announced on September 26, 2013, that dual US-UK citizen, Shanker Singham, was to head a colossal project which makes the famous novel ‘Brave New World’ look boring in comparison.

To realise this project, Shanker Singham has created what he calls the “World Operating System”.

Political priority, economic gamble – Lotta Moberg of George Mason University explains:

The idea is to create enclaves that write their own rules in all business matters, from labour regulation to anti-corruption codes—“to look at laws as services that companies demand”, says Lotta Moberg of George Mason University. Such ventures will provide competition more effectively than zones focused on fiscal incentives, says Shanker Singham, founder of Enterprise Cities.

Mr Singham is in talks to develop sites in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Morocco, Bosnia, India and Oman. But these are mostly at an early stage. The most advanced charter-city project, backed by a group of American libertarians, is in Honduras. But it has yet to start and is already controversial: many Hondurans worry that it will operate as a state within a state, milked by business interests. In most countries, such parastatal ventures are likely to encounter political difficulties.

Source: The Economist, Political priority, economic gamble, April 4th 2015

Babson Global’s plan is extraordinary, and it is real and it is happening right now. It will profoundly affect the existence of every one of us on the planet, and it will soon increase at a pace which will make it virtually impossible to properly scrutinise or to stop.

Using gargantuan amounts of data, a syndicate of wealthy and powerful libertarians partnered with Babson Global Inc, to create an economic simulator the likes of which the world has never seen before. This simulator has been designed, among other things, to model the impact of removing or modifying laws and regulations to gain massive investment and commercial growth. It will soon be tested in an unprecedented real world experiment without the informed consent of tens of thousands of people whose lives will be turned upside down.

Babson Global Inc’s Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project (CECP), headed by Shanker Singham, has created an end-to-end package of products that take an Enterprise City from concept and feasibility through to regulatory framework creation (starting with a blank slate), asset management and city operations. The Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project team calls it a World Operating System.

This world changing project is publicly available but Singham and Babson Global Inc have for some reason not yet decided to invite the full awareness and participation of all stakeholders. Could it be that they wish to avoid scrutiny? And who in various Governments is collaborating with them?

The diagram below clearly shows the major backing that the Enterprise Cities project has from some unexpected sources including the World Bank, MIT, Harvard University, CISCO, IBM, AECOM, the European Union, the United States Government, OPIC….and many more.

Click image to view full size version

From an economic viewpoint, the key roles for each Enterprise City appear to be split as follows:

  • Shanker Singham – Macroeconomics, investment and capital community relations, and regulatory/constitutional/data negotiations with host governments
  • Erick Brimen – Enterprise City development and operations
  • Dr Barbara Kolm – Enterprise City governance

Babson Global Inc is aggressively marketing to Governments all over the world, offering three levels of Enterprise City design (see slide presentation below):

  • eCity-1 – reforms are made within the existing regulatory framework to increase ease of doing business within the City zone.
  • eCity-2 – is a City that has a degree of regulatory/legal autonomy and can attract some types of foreign investment.
  • eCity-3 – is effectively a free market micro-nation with near full autonomy from the host nation.

[gview file=””]


The staggering projected economic growth rates for eCity-3 type developments, where the administration are free to create their own regulatory framework without needing the authorisation of anyone other than the host Government, may come at an extraordinarily high human and environmental cost.

Those of you already familiar with multi-billionaire head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch, may be interested to know he gained his Doctorate of Law from Babson College and also holds bachelor degrees in General Engineering and a masters degree in Nuclear and Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT, Babson College and the Koch funded Heritage Foundation all have seats on the Academic Advisory Board of CECP.

Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire by Rolling Stone magazine details the need for concern, especially since people connected with Koch affiliated think tanks and other key libertarians are operating at every level of Enterprise City projects across the globe.

It should be noted that the world’s first Babson eCity-3 project on the island of Roatan in the Caribbean Sea off Honduras is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef on the planet after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

For 50 years, Mr. Koch has supported academic and public policy research, with a special focus on developing voluntary, market-based solutions to social problems. This interest led Mr. Koch to found or help build a number of organizations, including the Institute for Humane Studies, the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and the Bill of Rights Institute.

Koch Family Foundations have spent $145,555,197 directly financing 90 groups that have attacked climate change science and policy solutions, from 1997-2018.

The challenges of implementing the Enterprise City plan is detailed in a CATO Institute article, The Future is Already Here, which outlines the issues associated with ‘land grabbing’, human rights and ecological protections, especially in democratic countries. As you will read in Case 3 – The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile and Neocolonialsm the first eCity-3 Enterprise City, a flag-ship development, has already resulted in assassinations, disappearances and intimidation of protestors who have had their land effectively expropriated for the ZEDE projects.

The irony of the focus on property rights within Enterprise Cities is not lost on the local inhabitants, who have next to no faith in the system of organic law being proposed by the CECP team. In Case 2 – The Private Governments of Dr Barbara Kolm, Shanker Singham & Erick Brimen, the highly questionable governance structures of the Honduras ZEDE’s are exposed. Democracy within the ZEDE has been thrown out the window for the duration of the initial 50-year lease, signed by Honduran Ministers with extremely close links to the narcotics trade.

The altruistic propaganda on Enterprise Cities is that they create employment and lift struggling populations out of poverty. However, in the early days of the Enterprise Cities project in 2013, Shanker Singham’s emphasis was firmly on changing the economic environment, “we want a regulatory system that maximises economic freedom and optimises wealth creation”.

The following must watch video is long but extremely important to watch from start to finish. It lays out out a dystopian future under libertarian free-market economy where democracy is gradually sidelined. Shanker Singham describes how Babson Global Inc is already conducting live socio-economic experiments on populations using its simulation tools, and Eric Brimen discusses the investment opportunity and pseudo-legal framework within Charter Cities. The panel discussion towards the end is extremely revealing.

Timestamp: 08:10 We want a regulatory system that maximises economic freedom and optimises wealth creation.

Please watch all of this crucial video, which explains Enterprise Cities (which includes Freeports), Babsons World Operating System and big data economic simulator.

Shanker Singham, Managing Director, The Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project at Babson Global Inc, and panelist and Babson 2006 alumni, Erick A. Brimen, Partner, NeWAY Capital, on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

As you read further, you will see that what the project members call ‘organic law’ is in effect a path to serfdom for all but the richest people who will flock to these low-transparency, low-regulation and low-tax zones. The ultimate plan is for a global network of ‘Enterprise Cities’ (or states) to compete against each other, forcing standards and protections ever lower in a race to the bottom in the name of wealth creation.

Shanker Singham and Eric Brimen, FreedomFest 2015

In this recorded interview from FreedomFest 2015 (which again needs to be listened to from start to finish) Shanker Singham, representing Babson Global Inc, and Erick Brimen of NeWay Capital (pronounced New Way), explain the libertarian free market vision and investment model which is now being implemented in the highly controversial first Enterprise City in Roatán, Honduras. Click on image to listen:

At this stage it is worth mentioning that Mark Skousen, the founder and organiser of the annual FreedomFest in Las Vegas, is a former CIA economist and an extremely influential libertarian. Skousen plays a key role as our story unfolds, along with a number of other very powerful people closely linked to Ronald Reagan, including the former US President’s influential son, Mark

Bearing in mind the size and scope of what is happening, it is extraordinary that Shanker Singham, formerly of the UK’s offshore-sponsored Legatum Institute, and now back at the libertarian Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Tufton Street in London, has such influence over both British and American politics, economics and law. Singham is deeply embedded in USA foreign policy and Babson Global Inc’s network of world finance giants. In addition, he is on many of the boards of development partners and commercial Universities providing theoretical and practical components for the vast project.

Singham is:

What is perhaps even more extraordinary is that fact that no one in Britain, or indeed the rest of the world outside of Singham’s fellow libertarian extremists (which includes the current Vice President of the Austrian National Bank, Dr Barbara Kolm), seem to be aware of the monumental socio-economic changes that are being implemented right under their noses.

Those seeking to understand why the British legal system is being torn apart will now hopefully understand why, and also that is it just the first stage of disrupting democracy, trade and law worldwide.

Many that have followed the UK’s chaotic Brexit saga, will be interested to see the money and resources being invested in re-engineering the global economic model to deliver Shanker’s vision of a new World Operating System. This is Shanker’s New Way.

The Brexit Connection – the UK Tabula Rasa

Brexit Britain’s freeport utopia isn’t about free trade, or ports

“The document refers to creating a ‘regulatory sandbox’,” (Peter) Holmes says. “Are they going to completely relax planning regulations? They say that they’re not going to undercut labor protection – but if you really wanted to get a big benefit from this, you would abolish the minimum wage in the freeports; you’d just massively deregulate health and safety. You’d try all of that.”

On the 8th of September 2020, the UK Government made a shocking announcement that in order to deliver their Brexit vision, they would be willing to break the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)., which successfully brought peace to Norhern Ireland after decades of violent conflict. The UK’s top legal civil servant, Jonathan Jones, resigned in protest against this decision, and previous UK Attorney General, Dominic Grieve voiced his outrage and dismay.

This statement above by former UK Attorney General is particularly noteworthy as current UK Attorney General, Suella Braverman, works for Shanker Singham as a contributor to the Brexit supporting organisation Global Vision, which is directly connected to many of the complex and shady right-wing think tanks in London’s Tufton Street, and many of the more controversial ultra-right-wing lobbyists and climate change deniers in British politics.

In 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, Shanker Singham (representing the IEA’s  International Trade and Competition Unit) shared a platform with UK MP’s David Davis and Global Vision UK’s Owen Paterson to discuss ‘What Might Brexit Look Like’ and opportunities for market deregulation. Davis stated, ‘in the battle for the heart of the world’s operating system – the global regulatory system if you will, the UK has become the centre of the battlefield….‘. Compared to Babson Global Inc’s Enterprise Cities, the rhetoric for the post-Brexit UK is almost identical to the Babson ‘World Operating System’ pitch, strongly suggesting they are working from the same strategy.

The UK’s Brexit is very much integral to the Babson plan.

What Might Brexit Look Like?

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, 2018.

Watch Part 2: What Brexit Might Look Like?
Watch Part 3: What Brexit Might Look Like?
Read more at: Washington International Trade Association

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak is no stranger to Enterprise Cities (in this instance called a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). His multi-billionaire father-in-law, NR Narayana Murthy, executive chairman of Infosys, laid the first brick of his own Special Economic Zone, in India in 2014. This has particular resonance as Rishi Sunak released his UK Government report on low-tax SEZ Freeports in 2016, which replicates part of the content he had previously prepared for the far-right think tank Centre for Policy Studies. The report attracted criticism for having lax regulatory standards.

The first implementation of a Babson Global Inc’s Enterprise City recently commenced with the Honduras ZEDE Experiment. Hundreds of Enterprise Cities (called a range of names – ZEDE’s SEZ’s, Smart Cities, Charter Cities etc) are already in advanced planning stages right across the globe including six more ZEDEs planned in Honduras and other countries including El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, Ireland, Morocco, Saudi Arabia….and also in wealthy Australia where the concept of using these special economic zones to lift the population out of poverty should be viewed with skepticism.

Like the Royal Chartered Companies and Proprietary Charter Colonies in times of Empire, Enterprise Cities are really Chartered States that are designed to be replicated on a global scale. Recently the Centre for Policy Studies’ CapX posted a very favourable article on Charter Cities, Let’s build Hong Kong 2.0 here in the UK, with benefits and locations sounding very like the Freeports being pitched by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A report for a ZEDE in New South Wales, Australia is being developed by Emilie Dye. Ms Dye is a regular contributor to the UK’s ultra-right-wing Telegraph (commonly known as the ‘Torygraph’ due to its allegiance with the UK Conservative Party) and Spectator publications. Emily is also Policy Director at the Australian Taxpayers Association and Executive Director of the HR Nicholls Society, a think tank aimed at deregulation of industrial relations. It is worth noting that this report for the first ZEDE project in Australia, being touted as a COVID ‘Special Recovery Zone’, is not being created at the request of Eurobodalla Council. The Councillor proposing the report, and requesting permission to share data, is none other than the ‘mother of libertarianism in Australia’, Maureen Nathan, who is credited with inspiring John Singleton to create Australia’s first libertarian political party, the Progress Party.

Also worthy of note is the fact that two prominent Australian barristers have joined the ‘independent’ Próspera Arbitration Center (PAC) in Honduras – the arbitration-based legal framework that will operate in the ZEDE micro-nations. Martin Klapper, former President of Australia’s Resources and Energy Law Association (AMPLA), chair of the Queensland Law Society Mining and Resources Committee, and a member for the Queensland advisory board for AMEC (Association for Mining Exploration Companies) is also an ambassador for ZEDE investor Titus Gebel’s Free Market Cities.

Brexit and ZEDE’s

You are no doubt wondering how Britain’s Brexit could possibly be linked to the ZEDE Honduras project and the crucial US/UK Trade negotiations. As you read on, please bear in mind that Freeports are potentially stepping stones to ZEDE’s, which would require large areas of unoccupied land and border control zones like those currently being planned in the British county of Kent.

Shanker Singham’s SUBMISSION TO FREEPORT CONSULTATION was submitted in May 2020, and should leave readers in no doubt that this is a Babson Global Inc Enterprise City initiative – take close note of the names and organisations of collaborators. Every company and interested person needs to read this entire report.

In regard to the Irish border, the ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE IRISH BORDER REPORT & PROTOCOLS, 18th July 2019, shows that Babson Global Inc and Shanker Singham are orchestrating events. The full PDF can be viewed here, however the appendices make for interesting reading. Babson Global Inc is represented by Dr Srinivasa Rangan (on the Academic Advisory Board of Singham’s Enterprise Cities project (see last slide of presentation) and r. Robert MacLean leads International Trade team in Europe for Squires Patton Boggs. Shanker Singham worked for Squire Patton Boggs (1995-2013) as a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington.


Up to ten Freeports are being planned for the UK under the leadership of Shanker Singham/Babson Global Inc and global think tanks. In particular, the libertarians and lobbyists at 55 Tufton Street are critical in forming and communicating the perceived benefits of a free market USA-UK Trade Agreement.

The CATO Institute, co-founded by Charles Koch, has produced a report, as illustrated by the CATO Institute’s report, ‘The Ideal US-UK Free Trade Agreement‘. The authors include Daniel J. Hannan, who together with Matthew Elliott and Douglas Carswell was instrumental as far back as 2012 in instigating Brexit. Hannan is a leading light in Charles Koch’s Atlas Network, and also is :

  • director of the Initiative for Free Trade
  • founded the organisation that became Brexit’s Vote Leave
  • a director of the Cobden Centre, with Toby Baxendale, Steve Baker and Douglas Carswell – an organisation inspired by the work of Austrian economist FA v. Hayek.
  • wrote the book ‘Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World’ – a sign of his questionable obsession with the colonialist British Empire.
  • a former president of the Oxford University Conservative Association
  • wrote ‘The New Road to Serfdom’

     In World War II, American soldiers went overseas to rescue England from the Nazi menace. Now, with America threatened from within by the specter of social democracy, British politician Daniel Hannan returns the favor. The New Road to Serfdom is a must-read rallying cry for Tea Party activists, fans of Mark Levin’s Tyranny and Liberty, and anyone who has seen Hannan’s hard-hitting interviews with Hannity & Colmes, Neil Cavuto, and Glenn Beck. A former president of the Oxford Conservative Association, and a member of the EU Parliament, Hannan has the insight and experience to help America recapture its distinctive ideals and avoid turning into a socialist state.

From what we have described above, we think you will agree that Shanker Singham’s ‘Babson World Operating System’ is something the public all over the world should be made deeply aware of.


Case 2

The Private Governments of Shanker Singham, Erick Brimen & Dr Barbara Kolm

We show how this Tabula Rasa is already being implemented in Honduras as a ‘live experiment’ where Singham, Brimen and Kolm all play key roles.

F.A. Hayek – Disrupting Democracy

The Road to Serfdom

Click here for links to more about libertarians, neo-liberalism and the Austrian School of Economics
The Road To Serfdom
Read online or download:

Austrian Economics: Made in the USA

Oskar Morgenstern was appalled by book’s message, its narrow-minded boosters, and the Hayek juggernaut. One of the founders of game theory, Morgenstern responded allergically to the ideological message propounded during Hayek’s tour. Writing in his diary, he said, Hayek “was in the hands of an evil community… I simply cannot go along anymore. Neither his [ideas] nor his opponents’—none of them is science.” For Morgenstern, Road was not economics; it was polemics. All the worse for those working in the Austrian tradition.

Austrian Economics: Made in the USA, Janek Wasserman 2015

The economics and philosophy of Hayek ‘s works in particular seem to resonate among the ranks of libertarians and the authoritarian-right, along with the works of other controversial economists and philosophers such as Ludwig von Mises, Karl Popper, and Americans Milton Friedman & Ayn Rand (born in Russia). These Free Market thinkers extol their perceptions of the virtues of personal freedom & liberty, often in contradiction with themselves as they vocalise support of authoritarianism as a means to enforce these freedoms. An article in the Jacobin Magazine: Capitalist Freedom Is a Farce, discusses issues at hand:

Capitalist Freedom Is a Farce

But any realistic review of the market economy reveals a different picture: capitalism limits both positive and negative freedom. It fosters a huge buildup of private power by concentrating individual wealth and entrenching corporate control over markets (along with mercilessly destroying environmental systems and thus the freedom of future generations). Capitalism not only fails to provide a “positive freedom” to a fair share of the economy — it fails to preserve “negative freedom” from the power plays of the 1 percent’s corporate property.

Jacobin Magazine: Capitalist Freedom Is a Farce

The terms liberal and libertarian, which are confusingly similar, are not interchangeable and in fact, are diametrically opposed. It is also apparent that translation of these terms from the native Austrian-German into other languages may not clearly distinguish between the two, which may partly explain the libertarian dichotomy.

It is not widely understood that the UK’s Brexit has been the goal of ideological libertarian economists, right-wing politicians, think-tanks and ruthless anarcho-capitalists for several decades. The Charles Koch funded Atlas Network has 447 libertarian partner think-tanks across the globe, with a mission to spread the ideology of Austrian School of Economics until it becomes the accepted economic doctrine of the age, much like their other creations – Reaganomics and Thatcherism. This ‘New Way’ of implementing Austrian-school based economics has a more religious application of the theory than Reaganomics or Thatcherism, and embraces creative destruction or ‘Schumpeter’s gale’ as a vehicle for large scale transformation of our economies and societies.

It’s worth noting that the UK’s Centre for Policy Studies, a think tank that to this day is literally at the heart of British politics founded by Margaret Thatcher, is an Atlas Network partner along the Institute of Economic Affairs where ‘Triad’ Lord Shanker Singham is Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit.

The contrast between the ideology of the Austrian School of Economics and that of modern progressive center-left governments such as Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand, who are working towards a well-being focused model for society where GDP is only one measure of success, could not be starker. Read how New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s Labour government is already successfully implementing these changes New Zealand Ditches GDP For Happiness And Wellbeing. Austrian economist F.A. Hayek himself admits in the interview above, altruism has no place in Libertarian society.

Like Reagan and Thatcher, F.A Hayek’s shocking support of of the brutal Chilean Dictator, General Augusto Pinochet is detailed in this translated text from Markus Marterbauer, Austria’s highly respected Vice-President of the Fiscal Council, Head of Economics & Statistics at the Vienna Chamber of Labor and university lecturer, who wrote in 2014:

F.A. Hayek and the Alchemy of Transitional Dictatorship in Chile

“Hayek made his support for the Pinochet regime public in four letters to the editor to the British newspaper The Times . There he wrote: “I have not been able to find a single person even in much maligned Chile who did not agree that personal freedom was much greater under Pinochet than under Allende.”

During his trip to Santiago, Hayek met the dictator Augusto Pinochet, whom he called “Honorable general” and several members of the government whom he characterized as “educated, reasonable and insightful men” and whom he trusted to use the dictatorship in a necessary transition period for the realization of freedom.

Can a Dictator Turn a Constitution into a Can-opener? F.A. Hayek and the Alchemy of Transitional Dictatorship in Chile

In an interview with pro-Pinochet journalist Renee Sallas in the Chilean newspaper Mercurio in 1981, Hayek again gave this position a concrete expression, referring to the Pinochet dictatorship he said, “I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking liberalism”. Hayek was verifiably informed about the massive human rights violations of the Chilean military junta as early as 1977 as Hayek had extensive documentation provided by Amnesty International about the killings, disappearances, torture, detention, secret police actions and restrictions on workers’ rights.

In Hayek’s view, the freedom of the individual can only be achieved through a form of limited democracy, in which an essential framework of conditions such as private property, contractual loyalty or the value of the family should be prescribed by the constitution and not be democratically changeable. This explains in part Hayek’s support for the fascist military coup in Chile which was based on his political theories, outlined in his book Constitution of Liberty  (1960). This perverted perception of freedom and democracy is pervasive, and possibly one of the most dangerous components feeding the global Libertarian psyche.

Freedom in the libertarian world it seems, comes at a high social, environmental and ethical price.

Case 3 – The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile & Neocolonialism

Fear and Loathing in Honduras. the three displacements of the Garifuna – slavery, exile and neocolonialism

Fear and Loathing in Honduras

The indigenous people of Roatan are rightly outraged. The following documentary by respected film-maker and journalist, Gerry Hadden, investigated the situation in Honduras in 2015 when the eviction process had begun to prepare for the Libertarian syndicate’s takeover.

Lands to die for: The Garifuna struggle in Honduras
Click here for links to read about human rights in Honduras and the struggle of the Garifuna

  1. “I’ve Seen All Sorts of Horrific Things in My Time. But None as Detrimental to the Country as This.”
  2. Sydney with Honduras – Blog with regular updates covering the ongoing situation in Honduras
  3. The Indigenous Rights Leader Fighting Back After Her Mother’s Assassination
  4. Honduras election protests met with excessive and lethal force – UN report
  5. Will Human Rights Survive in the Age of Rex Tillerson?
  6. Honduras’ Garifuna Communities Resist Eviction & Theft Of Land
  7. UK sold spyware to Honduras just before crackdown on election protesters
  8. Saving Honduras by Richard Rahn, CATO Institute (CAMP Committee)
  9. Honduras Events of 2019
  10. Political Prisoners Released as Government’s Legitimacy Crumbles in Honduras
  12. Disrupting democracy in Honduras: the ZEDE of the libertarians and threats of eviction in the Gulf of Fonseca.
  14. El Chapo’s’ Honduras henchman ‘The Wizard’s’ 6 companies, Roatan tourist restaurant seized
  15. The Flame of Opposition in Honduras


…you live in the most dangerous country in the world that is not in a war zone. You fear your government, and the ZEDE syndicate taking over your homeland as much as you fear the narcotics gangs.

…your homeland will be used as a living laboratory for a global economic experiment where laws and regulations are effectively abandoned in order to provide unprecedent return on investment for foreign interests, led by the self-styled ‘King of Roatan’, uber-libertarian Titus Gebel.

…Instead of a democratically elected Government you now live under the rule of a technical secretary who is in effect a colonial private company governor.

…worse, you discover the ZEDE syndicate implementing this dystopian corpse of colonialism is being directed by Shanker Singham at Babson Global Inc. He is doing this with the full support of US Agencies, mega-rich global investors, members of European royalty, and members of a network of 450+ think tanks associated with the global libertarian Atlas Network (referred to in this piece: by Greenpeace as ‘The Kochtopus‘).

…if these libertarian neocolonial conquistadors sole aim is to eventually force all of you out of their stolen paradise, and eventually expand, swallow and exploit the most precious parts of your country and its resources.

…if a member of the CAMP best practices committee, former CIA economist, and organiser of the annual libertarian Freedom Fest in Las Vegas – Mark Skousen – had taken a group of wealthy investors on their 2019 Global Summit Cruise to showcase your island which they plan to exploit.

…if unproven experimental right-wing think tank theory is implemented without consent or any trace of ethical, social or environmental safeguarding or public representation?

ZEDEs: Neocolonialism and land grabbing

This harrowing short film details the threats the Garifuna and local residents of Roatán face as they fight to retain their land and sovereignty:

Richard Rahn, ZEDE CAMP Committee Member made the following statement:

“Is skin color a good predictor of income and other success among Americans? Take a look at the enclosed table, and you will notice that the highest per capita income among the large ethnic groups in the United States is from those of Asian Indian origin. Some Asian…”

“Americans Freely Finding Common Bonds with One Another Is Not Racism Is the urge to free associate (clustering) greater than the urge to integrate? by Richard W. Rahn | Sep 1, 2020

Honduras is sadly no stranger to discrimination, corruption, murders and disappearances under successive narco-governments going back decades. But even Hondurans were shocked at the assassination on March 3rd 2016 of one of the most popular campaigners for the rights of the indigenous peoples – Berta Cáceres’s name was on Honduran military hitlist, says former soldier.

Berta’s tragic murder is one of hundreds that occur every year which remain largely unreported in the West, as are targeted abductions like the the case of the five Garifuna land defenders below.

Roatan ZEDE, Honduras: The Conquest of Paradise

Columbus (representing the House of Habsburg and the Holy Roman Emperor) first made landfall in Central America in 1502. First arriving at the islands in the Bay of Fonseca, where Roatan is located 40 miles off the coast, and then moving to the mainland which he named ‘Honduras’. At 88km long, and just 7km wide, Roatan is currently an unspoilt treasure.

With a population of just 9 million, Honduras boasts the highest number of murders per capita for a country not at war. Not surprisingly, Honduras also has the highest number of private security staff, with estimates that private security outnumbers the police force by at least 10:1. Corruption, the narcotics trade and gang-warfare have brought the economy to its knees and wreak havoc on the daily existence of everyday Hondurans. Adding to the stress, a crippling two-thirds of the population live below the poverty line. Poverty and crime, coupled with low literacy rates, are defining factors in limiting economic growth.

Economics and security are no longer problems that the Honduran Government think they can resolve without international support and a clean-slate strategy. The strategy they have selected is to implement a series of ZEDEs with the hope that adjoining properties will over time become part of an expanding zone of peace, order and prosperity.

Hondurans live in constant fear of narcotics gangs, and their own Government

Welcome to Roatan ZEDE Special Jurisdiction, where for a small annual fee, and by signing a contract of co-existence (see below), the global rich can obtain residency and benefit from a deregulated, low-tax Libertarian lifestyle, with exotic dwellings designed by Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid, who describes architecture as a means of ‘social control’.

In this new ZEDE experiment the indigenous people on Roatan how have to re-apply and pay to live on the their own land. These applications have to be approved at the discretion of the ZEDE syndicate.

Under the current rules, a public referendum is required in areas of high-density population before a Charter can be approved for a new ZEDE. This rule does not apply to areas of low-density population like Roatan, which is often referred to as ‘unoccupied’ by parties involved in developing the ZEDE.

Increasing Freedom and Prosperity by means of Private Cities by Zaha Hadid architect Patrik Schumacher

Despite having the second largest coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, tourism grows slowly on the island of Roatan. Abundant mangrove forests, which protect the coastline from storm surges, provide the perfect habitat for mosquitos (which carry Dengue fever and malaria) and a raft of other biting insects which may deter many visitors. Drug traffickers, such as the now incarcerated Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, regularly use these islands informal cargo ports and hideaways.

Explore the 2nd largest coral reef in the world off the coast of Roatan

The position of the La Via Campesina in Honduras:

“the fire sale of our national sovereignty, with the creation of Economic Development Zones (ZEDE), has led to the large-scale displacement of rural families”

La Via Campesina, International Peasants Movement

The podcast below between two of the most prominent libertarians is referring to the management of the Roatan ZEDE project, raises questions about the ethical standpoint of key influencers. Not least as Patri Friedman (grandson of economist Milton Friedman) is on the advisory board of ULEX who are creating the radically new legal framework. Patri, is also the founder of Pronomos Venture Capital, which boasts Peter Thiel (of Palantir/Facebook/PayPal) as an investor.

Funding a Charter City: A Venture Capital Perspective with Patri Friedman and Dr Mark Lutter

“Dr Mark Lutter: Sure. How do you think about early-stage valuation for charter city companies?
Patri Friedman: I mean, we’re just making it up. Like most early-stage valuation?
Dr Mark Lutter: We’re all taking cues from you. So, we hope you’re right.”

Charter Cities Podcast Episode 7: Funding a Charter City: A Venture Capital Perspective with Patri Friedman & Dr Mark Lutter, 19 June 2020

The following Twitter exchanges between the campaign organisation for the rights of the Garifuna (Ofraneh) and Patri and his Pronomos Capital company, raises further questions about Patri’s and Pronomos’ motives.

Hayek and Displaced People

When it comes to working-class people F.A. Hayek voiced little regard for social concerns and human rights. This elitist thinking is as much a dominant theme in the economics and philosophy of modern-day libertarians. Hayek’s support of General Pinochet’s military dictatorship in Chile is well documented for example, in 1944 Hayek proposed a form of ‘class-cleansing’ in Gibraltar. Hayek had recommended using market forces as the vehicle for displacing the working-class people of Gibraltar to Spain, at which was under the military dictatorship of General Franco and would result in workers having to commute across the border every day. However, this was rejected by the British Government at that time.

Honduras’ Garifuna Communities Resist Eviction & Theft Of Land

Along the Atlantic coast of Honduras, Afro-Caribbean Garifuna communities are being forced from their land, as proposals for the creation of mega-tourism projects and corporate-run cities, commonly referred to as “model cities,” gain momentum internationally.

Lands to Die For?

We have described above how the Garifuna are being treated, but to fully appreciate how bad this really is, we need to understand the historical context.

“Despite the French surrender, the Garifuna themselves did not surrender to the British. From July 1796 until March 11, 1797, the Garifuna were divided on the basis of skin color. Over 5000 of the Garifuna with darker skin were captured and exiled to the nearby island of Baliceaux. The British allowed their captives to perish due to malnutrition and disease. On March 11, 1797 the surviving Garifuna were sent by ship to the island of Roatán in Honduras. Over 2800 Garínagu had died under the British genocide on Baliceaux. Approximately 2200 started the voyage, an additional 200 perished en route on the 31 day voyage to Roatan.”

Having suffered at the hands of empire once, is it possible that the Garifuna have a binary option to be disenfranchised and pay each year for temporary residency in their own lands or choose self-exile by voting with their feet?

The voice of the Garifuna is barely being heard outside of their native land. The inhumanity and injustice they are being subjected by the Libertarian ZEDE Syndicate, under the direction the Vice President of the Austrian National Bank Dr Barbara Kolm, is not being adressed.

Until this changes the Syndicate will continue to exploit and oppress others, not just in Honduras, but also in Great Britain where the legal system, and citizens’ rights are now being torn apart , and also in all future ZEDE regions.

We at Baker Street Herald want to change this so that the International Community can support the Garifuna and all victims of the land grabbing libertarian syndicate.

You can help starting with sharing this website with as many people as possible, and by the raising concerns of the Garifuna and Ofraneh so that their human rights are fully recognised and protected.

Support OfranehSign the Petition
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English Translation:


Non compliance with ILO Convention 169, denying us our right as an English-speaking island people to prior, free and informed consultation, it is questionable, worrying  and disappointing as well as our right to have an opinion about our future, is vetoed.

Within the ZEDE a Honduran has to pay $236 a year for residency. Each resident must purchase personal liability, medical insurance and pay 1% tax on a rapidly increasing land value. For the Garifuna, some of the most impoverished people in Central America who are mostly subsistence farmers or fishermen, the knowledge that a CATO Institute apparatchik has been appointed as the Eviction Arbiter for Próspera Arbitration Center gives no comfort. The scene is set for market forces to be used for the “Third Displacement of the Garifuna”.

For the latest updates on Twitter please follow @ofraneh

We need your help, signing and sharing this petition to achieve the repeal of the ZEDE Law, since we don’t aspire to become theoretical experiences of supposed libertarian investors.  As a democratic established country we will continue to live in democracy as a form of government, where the best decisions will prevail. Especially in one of the areas of greatest national wealth such as the North Coast and therefore other areas of the country that are in the sights to become ZEDE or model cities.

@ofraneh Petition filed by Mesa for the Defense of the Territory of the Bay Islands No to the intervention of neo-reactionary libertarians and their neo-colonial attempts. NO! TO THE ZEDE-MODEL CITY IN THE BAHIA ISLANDS – Sign the petition!

The National Congress approved the ZEDE Law, Legislative Decree 236, 24th January 2013, taking refuge under this Organic law PROSPERA ZEDE (HONDURAS PROSPERA LLC, Roatan-Prospera).  The application of this law in our island territory will have cultural, social, environmental, economical and political  negative impacts.  The figure of land expropriation explained in detail in articles 25, 26 and 28 under the supposed figure of public use and at fair value to expand the ZEDE territory, for it’s eventual delivery to  foreign investors, is unacceptable. Becoming  one of the most surrendering Decrees in the history of our country to foreign capital, violating our constitutional law (especially article 107), international agreements and others.  

Translation: Surrender of island territory through model cities in Roatán undermines the concept of Westphalian sovereignty, violating the Treaty between Honduras and England known as Wyke Cruz of 1864, with which England recognized the Bay Islands as Honduran territory.

This is the land that was legally handed over to the Garifuna in 1864 by the British Empire.

This is the first part of a homeland that is being systematically stolen by libertarian neo-colonialists in order to launch an inhumane global experiment starting with a ‘clean slate’.

This has been enabled by the same right wing extremists that have also stolen the European citizenship of 72 million people through the illegality of Brexit.

This is not acceptable

Stop the Tabula Rasa

Stop the ZEDE Syndicate

Stop Brexit