The Project: How do we make sense of chaos?

When we look around us at the moment, we are witnessing extraordinary events right across the world. Governments are acting with impunity and apparent irrationality and failing in their most fundamental duties. We’ve called our first project to make sense of this chaos The Tabula Rasa.

Tabula Rasa

a situation in which nothing has yet been planned or decided, so that someone is free to decide what should happen or be done

It is easy to dismiss Brexit as a reckless Nationalist folly, focused solely on Great Britain’s alleged desire for Independence and Sovereignty, which will have little impact globally. In fact, this could not be further from the truth as this website, will aim to describe.

Britain’s Brexit: The Gateway to reshaping the World’s economy?

The influence of external countries on Brexit – in particular, the USA, Austria and Australia, will be examined in-depth as will the tumultuous impact on future world trade, laws, human rights, the environment and commerce – starting with the poverty-stricken Central American narco-state, Honduras.

As the work progresses, a clearer picture will emerge as to why Brexit was forced to occur at literally any cost, what the real motives were behind it, as well as introducing key global players and explaining their radical & potentially dangerous concepts that are reshaping our world right now. We will introduce you to the concept of Enterprise Cities and Zones of Economic and Employment Development (ZEDEs), explain them in detail and how they may be used, not just to totally avoid the EU’s Anti-Tax-Avoidance Directive and national and international law, but also to reshape how economies operate globally.

We also hope it will encourage many of you – especially journalists, politicians, academics etc. to dig deeper and help us raise awareness of what we have found, much of which may surprise you all.

As we begin, please make a note of these three names who play pivotal roles in one of the most audacious and bold projects in modern times.

  • Shanker Singham
  • Dr Barbara Kolm
  • and Erick Brimen

F.A. Hayek Explained…
Before you start reading the case reports, we’ve put together some information on Austrian Economist, F.A. Hayek. Much of the economic theory that underpins the Tabula Rasa is based on the radical free market thinking of Hayek.

Dr Barbara Kolm, President of the Hayek Institute in Vienna, promotes Hayek’s theory globally through her Austrian Economic Center (AEC) and Free Market Roadshows.

Click here to read about the views of Hayek and his support for the murderous South American dictator, former President of Chile, Augusto Pinochet and the connections between Hayek, Brexit and the Tabula Rasa.

Case 1

The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate – Big data, private universities, global business and finance, billionaires, think tanks and governments complicit with them have created an anarcho-capitalist juggernaut that may be too late to stop.

We explain how what we are calling the Tabula Rasa has evolved, who is driving the new World Operating System and Enterprise Cities, and the important role that Brexit plays in enabling a global economic reset.

Case 2

The Private Governments of Shanker Singham, Erick Brimen & Dr Barbara Kolm

We show how this Tabula Rasa is already being implemented in Honduras as a ‘live experiment’ where Singham, Brimen and Kolm all play key roles.

Case 3

The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile & Neocolonialism

We highlight the tragic impact of the Tabula Rasa and Enterprise Cities on the indigenous Garifuna people on the island of Roatán, Honduras.

These people and their supporters are being forced from their land so that an Enterprise City can be built on their unspoiled island, and in some cases being assassinated or ‘disappeared’, for daring to reject the Tabula Rasa vision.

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction as we found when we began this project. To help you all fully understand and verify the facts for yourselves we have included a substantial number of videos and links to the information used in our research. The videos are especially important. We split our investigation into cases for our researchers, and we will publish more case reports as they are completed.

We still have a huge amount of data to analyse and process, however we are publishing these first three research cases earlier than planned due to the need to urgently address current political events, not least the elections in Austria and the USA and the looming disaster of Brexit in coming weeks. We need your help to give people the information they need to make wise, informed choices, so please share this website widely, and support our work in any way you can so we can continue.

Thank you from all of us at Baker Street Herald.


This project is dedicated to Berta Cáceres, who was murdered for fighting for the rights of her people and their land, and to the brave Honduran people and the Ofraneh organisation, who are suffering appalling crimes against humanity from their own government, and from the landgrabbing Private ZEDE Syndicate.

It is also dedicated to the British and EU citizens who, like the Garifuna, have had their citizenship stolen from them by many of the same criminal individuals and organisations responsible for Britain’s Brexit. And in particular to the 3.5 million citizens of the EU who, similarly to the Garifuna, are being forced to re-apply to live where they have lived for up to 40 years and continue to be treated appallingly by the UK Government.