Persons of Interest

Ruby Asturias GUATEMALA
Próspera Honduras development partner, EY.
1. EY Law
2. British Embassy Guatemala City, March 2020: Gender Equality: challenges and opportunities

Kakha Bendukidze GEORGIA (deceased)
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Bendukidze Free Market Org
2. Georgia’s Libertarian Revolution, Part two: Bendukidze and Russian Capitalism Berlin – Tbilisi – Istanbul 17 April 2010
3. The Man Who Remade Georgia
4. Famous Reformist Kakha Bendukidze Dies at 58

ULEX leader.
1. Your Next Government? From the nation state to stateless nations, TOM W. BELL, Chapman University

Morton Blackwell USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Morton Blackwell, President, Leadership Institute
2. Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII: A Theme Illuminating American Social History
3. Morton Blackwell: What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics? – Illinois Review
4. Morton C. Blackwell, Special Assistant to the President, Office of Public Liaison, 1981-1984
5. Morton Blackwell is “One of my heroes” – Mike Pence (Leadership Institute Alumni)
6. How Powerful Is This Right-Wing Shadow Network?

Advisory Board – Policy & Industry – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisory Board – ULEX
Member of the Mississippi House of Representatives
1. House Floor Votes 2018 – Week 9
2. Meet Joel Bomgar: A New Wave of Liberty Legislators
3. Roatan Ventures, LLC
4. “Bomgar has already spent a hefty sum supporting House Speaker Philip Gunn’s agenda to dismantle Mississippi’s public education system.”
5. Introducing the “Prospera Platform”
6. NRA Awards Joel Bomgar Highest Rating
7. Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi Economic Council and Mississippi Public Universities Launch Blueprint Mississippi Social Business Challenge (Bomgar on Steering Committee)
8. Bomgar is CATO 200 Institute donor.

Shayjay Booshan LONDON
Advisory Board – Próspera Honduras
1. Customizable Communities Could Be the Key to the Future of Urban Housing
2. Realizing Architecture’s Disruptive Potential
3. Free Private Cities Architecture Symposium

CEO – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Council Member – ZEDE Roatan
1. Erick Brimen – Entrepreneur
2. Erick Brimen, Shanker Singham on “Developing Enterprise Cities”
3. Edginton Post Show – Erick Brimen & Shanker Singham 15 July 2011 discussing the Enterprise Cities Project
4. Erick Brimen is a Partner at NeWAY Capital, focused on alternative real estate strategies that drive socioeconomic development. In parallel to alternative real estate, Mr. Brimen leads the firm’s efforts on blockchain technologies as they relate both to the firm’s fund structuring efforts, and in exploring ways in which blockchain and crypto currency innovations are best deployed to enhance real estate functionality and overall value of investments.
5. 08/02/15: Investing Inspiration and Enlightenment from Freedom Fest

Advisory Board – Urban Planning & Design – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1.Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young. Infrastructure 2013: Global Priorities, Global Insights. Washington, D.C.: Urban Land Institute, 2013. – Principal Researcher & Advisor$FILE/Infrastructure_2013.pdf
2. US Chamber of Commerce Foundation – Ewe Brandes
3. World Resources Institute – Helping cities make big ideas happen. Uwe Brandes profile.

Ricardo Leonel Cardona López HONDURAS
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Secretary of Governance and Justice, Honduras
1. They take indigenous people to discuss law in the paradisiac Roatán
2. Remarks with Honduran President Ricardo Maduro After Their Working Lunch
3. New Governor of Bay of Islands sworn in

Michael Castle Miller
Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Can free zones fix the global refugee crisis?
2. Miller, Michael R. Castle. “THE CIUDADES MODELO PROJECT: TESTING THE LEGALITY OF PAUL ROMER’S CHARTER CITIES CONCEPT BY ANALYZING THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE HONDURAN ZONES FOR EMPLOYMENT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.” Willamette Journal of International Law and Dispute Resolution 22, no. 2 (2015): 271-312. (Requires registration to view)
3. Refugee Cities – Michael Castle Miller
4. The Practice of Special Economic Zones: Michael Castle Miller

Lars Seier Christensen SWITZERLAND
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Millionaire’s Plan to Cut Danish Taxes Lies in Tatters
2. Yaron Brook, Lars Seier Christensen: Why Is Ayn Rand Still Relevant?

Alejandro Chaufen ARGENTINA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Former CEO of the Atlas Network (1991-2018), Founder of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research and International Managing Director of the Acton Institute, Member of Mont Pelerin Society
1. Action Institute, Managing Director, International
4. How the Mont Pelerin Society ‘Neoliberal Thought Collective’ Is Influencing Donald Trump’s Presidency
5. Church Voices On Socialism And Cultural Marxism
6. Special CEQLS Lecture: Alejandro A. Chafuen: Christian Roots of the Free Society
7. 70 Years Later, Peron’s Politics Still Reign In Argentina

Alex Cranberg TEXAS
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Chairman of Aspect Holdings, LLC, and former Regent of the University of Texas.
1. Denver oilman Alex Cranberg and his partner secured huge Ukraine drilling deal after push from Rick Perry
2. Alex Cranberg Steps In Oily Foreign Policy Scandal (Again)
3. Newest Iraqi Gusher Could Make Texas Oilman A Billionaire
4. Aspect Holdings – Meet the founder
5. Alex Cranberg: In the Background of the Koch Network
6. Baroness of the Belize oil fields (wife)

Paul Critchlow NEW YORK
Advisory Board – Public Finance & Strategy – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1. Formerly a Vice Chairman at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Paul Critchlow celebrated his 70th birthday as a summer intern at Pfizer Inc.
2. Thornburgh talking with Paul Critchlow, Robin Ross, and Jay Waldman at Republican National Convention
3. Three Mile Island: 36 years ago, the accident few had planned for
4. Paul Critchlow – profile
5. Merrill Lynch, Protection Rackets and the “P.R. Firm from Hell”

Steve Dauphin ALABAMA
Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Red Sea Farms teams with Kirchner Group
2. The Antigua Forum – invited attendee
3. Steve Dauphin speaks at University Cities Conference
4. UK, Lexington Host First University Cities Conference

Gabriel Delgado Ayau GUATEMALA
Partner, CRO & Advisory Board Próspera Honduras
Partner & Chief Development Officer NeWay Captial
Council Member ZEDE Roatan
1. Liberty Fest 2017- Offshore companies – Company without borders
2. Fellow of the sixth class of the Central America Leadership Initiative and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.
3. How to Grow a City: A Look Inside Honduran ZEDEs
4. IDEAS OF FREEDOM Our mission is the teaching and dissemination of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible people. Francisco Marroquín University.
5. Grandfather, Manuel, was first Latin American to be President of Mont Pelerin Society. Richard Rahn has written a tribute to Manuel Delgado.
6. What Would It Be Like to Live in a Town Run by Investors?
“Areas would be managed by developers and investors, under an appointed technical secretary and the ational Committee of Best Practices, but residential areas could also be organized by homeowner associations or condo-style boards, Delgado says. Still, the main accountability of the ZEDE management will be to investors.”

Jan Michael Dieckman Carlson HONDURAS
Advisory Board – Local Politics and Strategy – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Local Council Member – Próspera Roatan
1. Linked-in
2. Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – (US $4,286,200.00 for contract for delivery of education services).
3. Aspen Global Leadership Network, Central America Leadership Initiative, Fellowship Class Name: Class VI: Sixnificance
4. Informe de Progreso Educativo Honduras 2017 – Educación, ant/uploads/2017/07/InformedeProgresoEducativo2017.pdf
5. Jan Michael Dieckmann with First Lady of Honduras, Carolina Maduro de Villeda, at the Taiwanese Embassy in Honduras

Nick Dranias ARIZONA
General Councel – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
CLO/Trustee – Próspera Arbitration Centre Standing Competence and Ethics Committee
1. Nick Dranias is a policy advisor and research fellow for The Heartland Institute.
2. Atlas Network People – Nick Dranias
3. “Put simply, public disclosure of a rare and valuable supplier of lethal-injection drugs chills other current and potential suppliers, and facilitates the escalating ‘guerilla war against the death penalty,’” wrote Nick Dranias, senior litigation counsel for the Arizona attorney general, in a brief submitted Friday.
4. ALEC Push for Constitutional Convention Hits a Roadblock of Infighting, Legal Questions
5.Arizona legislation would ban bargaining with public workers
6. New Report Exposes Extreme ALEC Agenda in Arizona

GEBEL, Titus
Partner – NeWay Capital
Investor – Próspera Honduras
Advisor and former Chief Legal Officer – ULEX
1. Entrepreneur Gebel launches an independent private city on the Honduran island of Roatán
2. Free Private Cities
3. Will ‘prosperity zones’ bring wider benefits to Honduras?
4. Niche company aims to become natural resource heavyweight
5. If you don’t like the way your country is run, build your own Utopia
6. Titus Gebel Discusses His Legal Proposals for Free Private Cities
7. Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You (note review from Nick Dranias)
8. Free Private Cities – Crypto’s Need a Safe Haven

Archduchess Gabriela von Habsburg GERMANY, AUSTRIA & GEORGIA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. The art of diplomacy
2. Ambassador Gabriela von Habsburg: Georgia now ‘open for business’
3. U.S. TOUR OF DR. OTTO VON HABSBURG ANNOUNCED Habsburg to Visit Washington, D.C., Cleveland, and New York, April 9-23 2005
4. 2015 Free Market Road Show in Bratislava – Keynote speech by keynote speech was delivered by Ambassador Gabriela von Habsburg
5. The Habsburgs’ new empire – The princess and the bear …
6. Tabula Rasa – The sculpture was designed as a public monument marking Georgia’s transition from Soviet rule to independent democracy, symbolizing the separation of its three main powers — the executive, legislature and judiciary. It is called “The Monument to the Three Powers of the State.”

Patri Friedman
Advisory Board ULEX
1. The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is Land!/homepage
2. The Hottest New Thing in Seasteading Is LandPatri Friedman started Pronomos Capital, with more money from Peter Thiel, to establish mini-city-states.
3. SeaSteading- Building on the Platform of the Oceans: Patri Friedman at TEDxSF
4. Former “Seasteaders” Come Ashore To Start Libertarian Utopias In Honduran Jungle

Enriqué Ghersi PERU
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Lawyer, professor, Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute
1. Enriqué Ghersi – Adjunct Scholar, CATO Institute
2. Enriqué Ghersi – Adjunct Scholar, Independent Institute
3. Enrique Ghersi’s* Talk “Peru: A not-so Shining Path”, held at the 14th Gottfried-von-Haberler Conference 2018 in Vaduz (FL)
4. Peru’s Mining Crisis
6. Everything you need to know about the Odebrecht Arbitration Case Case Odebrecht Case Arbritrajes | Odebrecht justice
7. Referees seek today to reverse prison and regain freedom (Odebrecht scandal)
8. Insolvency in Vienna due to the Odebrecht scandal

Juan Orlando Hernández HONDURAS
President of Honduras
1. Narco-Politics Cast Shadow on Honduran Presidents: Court Documents
2. US prosecutors accuse Honduran president of taking drug money
3. Honduran President set to take power in wake of bloody elections – Opposition cries foul after vote count abruptly halted leading to change in result
4. Honduras protest crackdown: Five things to know: Protests against President Juan Orlando Hernandez are likely to continue as the anniversary of the 2009 coup approaches.
5. Honduras protest: ‘We want this narco-dictator out of presidency’
6. Hondurans React to Bribe Offered by El Chapo to President: ‘We Live in a Narcostate.’
7. Yet More Accusations Against Honduras President, But Will They Matter?

Mark Klugmann HONDURAS
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Director of the International Center for Pension Reform, White House Speechwriter, creator of the LEAP model
1. Can Honduras’ ZEDE become a new “Hong Kong” or the next “Singapore”?LEAP Zones, Mark Klugmann, Presidential Commissioner, ZEDE of Honduras, Barcelona Free Market Road Show April 2014
2. LEAP Zones: A Legal, Economic, Administrative and Political Framework for Free Cities
3.The Future of Europe, Panel 3, Part 3
4. Free Market Roadshow 2017 – Mark Klugmann
5.The man behind the man

Dr Barbara Kolm AUSTRIA
Founding member and Chairperson – ZEDE CAMP
1.Dr Barbara Kolm & Matthew Elliott at the ERB/UK Taxpayers Alliance 2010
2. Dr Barbara Kolm: Why the European Union will fail
3. Austrian Group at Heart of EU Nationalist Funding Draws Scrutiny
4. Far-Right FPÖ chief, Heinz Christian Strache’s Iron Lady (Dr Barbara Kolm) to become (Vice) President of the Austrian National Bank
5. CPAC 2020 – Peter Pitts Asks Barbara Kolm About the Dangers of Socialized Healthcare
6. Dr Barbara Kolm’s Austrian Economics Center received “five-figure sums” from tobacco companies
7. Barbara Kolm: Opinion about Private Cities
8. Dr Barbara Kolm: Texas Tech 2016: What can the US learn from Europe?
9. Dr Barabara Kolm explains her Austrian Economic Centers presence at Montenegro’s private University (UDG)
10. Dr Barbara Kolm’s 10 years of her Free Market Roadshow

Ricardo Rodolfo Maduro Joest HONDURAS
Former President of Honduras, National Party of Honduras
1. Honduras’s Experiment With Free-Market Cities
2. Romer’s “Resignation” Adds Credibility to the Honduran Project
3. Now SouthCom’s in control: SouthCom grabs the reins of an ALBA member state
4. Maduro: Zelaya acted illegally and violated the laws and the Constitution of Honduras
5. Death of son persuades Honduran to take to political stage

1. Founding Startup Societies: A Step by Step Guide Kindle Edition

Tristan Monterroso ROATÁN, HONDURAS
Roatán ZEDE Technical Secretary (Governor/Overseer)
1. Hondurans Take ‘Deep Dive’ Into Global Online Marketplace
2. North Bay Foundation
3. The Institute for Excellence: Spotlight on Virginia
4. Solution to our immigration crisis begins well south of the border
5. Victoriosos – Pastor Tristan Monterroso
6. Pastor Tristan Monterroso Preparate

Executive Director – Próspera Honduras
Development Officer/Advisory Board – NeWay Capital
1. Cornerstone Capital Group
2. Piedmont Fund Services
3. GLobal cities of the future Pt1 – Property Council of Australia 2010 Gale International’s Tom Murcott previews the international business district Songdo in Korea – “the most expensive private real estate development in history”.

Salem Ben Nasser Al-Ismaily OMAN
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
CEO of the Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development
1. Special Economic Zone at Duqm – SEZAD & PAIPED Partner Up
2. Oman Sultan assures JPM of Industrial Drive Support
3. UK Defence Secretary Concludes Visit to Oman – delegation went on tour to the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZD)
4. Oman- Sultanate to support Tanzanian economy through investments in different sectors – Oman is keen to develop the Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone into a bustling investment area.

Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. About Grover Norquist
2. Meet the Conservatives Who Campaigned for Apartheid South Africa
3. The Incredible Life Of Grover Norquist, The Man Behind The GOP’s Famous Tax Pledge
4. Sarah Elliott, Republicans Overseas UK Chairman made her Territorial Taxation for Individual (TTFI) Americans abroad presentation to Grover Norquist’s Wednesday meeting participants in DC. Grover’s Wednesday meetings are usually attended by over 100 Hill staff members and leaders from national conservative organizations. Grover’s national conservative coalition groups on tax issues are committed to make Citizenship Based Taxation (CBT) obsolete by supporting Congressman Holding’s TTFI bill passage. Thanks Sarah. Thanks Grover.
5. Brexit-Loving Koch Acolytes Are Getting Rich Off Climate Change Denial in the UK
6. Grover Norquist: The Soul of the New Machine
7. Norquist appears to be on fast track to become Pentagon’s No. 2 (Brother)

Oliver Porter GEORGIA USA
Advisory Board – City Management – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
1. For 14 years, leaders preached the power of the private sectorevangelizing the model to a slew of start-up cities. But after years of outsourcing the bulk of its workforce, Sandy Springs decided this week to bring most of those workers in-house.
2. The Contract City Concept: How Public/Private Partnerships Can Save Michigan Cities with Oliver Porter
3. How Oliver Porter created a privately run city
4. The Man Who Outsourced the Government
5. Sandy Springs founder joins privatized city-state project in Honduras

Early investor in NeWay Capital
1. Honduras Shrugged
2. THE WORLD’S FIRST CHARTER CITIES IN HONDURAS: From neo-liberalism to neo-colonialism
3. On November 10, 2015, Peter Thiel received the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award at a gala event at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna.
4. Peter Thiel Is Taking Human Growth Hormone In Hopes Of Living To 120
5. Peter Diamandis Is the Latest Tech Futurist Betting on Anti-Aging Stem Cells

Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. CATO Institute – Former Senior Fellow
2. Saving Honduras by Richard Rahn
3. Editorial Board member, Cayman Financial Review (ceased)
4. Gloria Alvarez & Richard Rahn Will Be Honored In Vienna!
5. Americans Freely Finding Common Bonds with One Another Is Not Racism
6. Richard Rahn – DeSmog

Michael Reagan USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Son of US President Ronald Reagan, radio host.
1. MICHAEL REAGAN: The Proof — Reaganomics Defeats Keynesianomics aka Obamanomics Every Time
2. The New Reagan Revolution: How Ronald Reagan’s Principles Can Restore America’s Greatness Paperback
3. Michael Reagan: California turning into Venezuela

Octavio Rubén Sánchez Barrientos HONDURAS
Founding Member – ZEDE CAMP
Former Minister for Culture & President Porfirio Lobo’s Chief of Staff 
1. Who Wants to Buy Honduras?
2. Koreans Reveal Initial Infrastructure Needs for Honduran ZEDEs
3. Honduras and its libertarian experiment in the Gulf of Fonseca
4. A ‘coup’ in Honduras? Nonsense.
5.Behind the race to build utopian city-states in the Honduran jungle

Patrick Schumacher LONDON
Advisory Board – Urban Development & Design – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
2. Zaha Hadid’s successor: my blueprint for the future
3. “It is time to stop listening to Patrik Schumacher”
4. Patrik Schumacher comes under fire for statements on privatization

Chirag Shah DUBAI
Advisory Board – Development, Finance & Governance – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
1.Global Business Forum Latin America 2019 Panama – Speaker profile
2. Dubai International Financial Centre Highlights the Significant Role of International Financial Centres in Economic Growth at City Week 2015
3. Chirag explica cómo funciona Dubai!!! Jamás antes explicado 😮 Chirag Shah explains how Dubai works.

Jeff Singer BAHRAIN
Advisory Board – Development, Finance & Governance – NeWay Capital & Próspra Honduras
1. Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group appoints a new Group CEO
2. Bahrain’s Kanoo Group plans to change legal structure with the time
3. Jeff Singer completes successful four years as CEO of NASDAQ Dubai to take up new position at DIFC Authority; Hamed Ali is appointed Chief Operating Officer

Shanker Singham UK
Babson Global Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project leader
Advisory Board – International Trade & Development – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisor – TUM
1. “Shanker Singham works to create Enterprise Cities, zones with regulatory autonomy from their host governments. He brings decades of experience to his role as Managing Director of the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project at Babson Global, where he works with entrepreneurs and government officials to establish the pre-conditions required for developing cities to flourish.”
2. Brexit’s Catholic Mr Fixit
3. Center for International Private Enterprise – The Promise of Enterprise Cities (2014) by Shanker Singham
4. Enterprise Cities, Competition, and Economic Growth
5. Local Governments Are Changing the World
6. Revealed: Legatum’s “extraordinary” secretive monthly meetings with Brexit minister. A controversial think tank that argued for a hard Brexit and has been linked with Russian intelligence had monthly meetings with a leading Brexit minister.

Mark Skousen USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Economist, Author, former President of the Foundation for Economic Education, former CIA Economic Analyst.
1. Will Technology Cause Massive Unemployment? The Lessons of History
2. The 2019 Global Financial Summit Cruise
3. Global Financial Summit – The Birthplace of Austrian Economics Cruise (2017) with Dr Barbara Kolm
4. Public Bailouts an option to save the economy (European Resource Bank webinar)
5. Tribute to my uncle, W. Cleon Skousen
6. The #1 Lesson I Learned in Miami Last Week (Mont Pelerin Society)
7. A Viennese Waltz Down Wall Street – Austrian economics for investors

Loren A. Smith USA
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
Judge, US Court of Federal Campaigns, President Reagan campaign advisor and defence attorney for President Nixon in the Watergate scandal.
1. United States Court of Federal Claims – Judge Loren A. Smith
2. Libertarian judge and magician advises Honduras on the legal system of the “model cities”
4. Using Federal Courts To Attack Community and Environmental Protections
5. The original documents are located in Box 45, folder “President – Campaign Unauthorized Campaign Committees” of the Philip Buchen Files at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library.

Jonathan Swanson PUERTO RICO
Advisory Board – Governance and Technology – NeWay Capital & Próspera Honduras
Advisor – Pronomos Capital
1. How this White House intern landed a job in the West Wing as Deputy Associate Director of the National Economic Council, and then founded a venture-backed company worth millions
2. Tech Envisions the Ultimate Start-Up: An Entire City
3. Demand for Charter Cities During Covid-19 Pandemic Grows Exponential – People Desire Semi-Autonomous Zones

Nicola Sturgeon SCOTLAND
1. Why governments should prioritize well-being

Faith Whittlesey
Founding member – ZEDE CAMP
1. Faith Whittlesey, Conservative Voice and Reagan Aide, Dies at 79
4.Group of Catholic advisers signs on with Trump
5. Ron Paul Is Launching His Own Foreign Policy Institute

Ott Vatter ESTONIA
Advisory Board – E-Governance – NeWay Capital and Próspera Honduras
1. One Country’s Uber-Convenient, Incredibly Invasive Digital ID System – Residents of Estonia use their digital identities to vote, fill prescriptions and start businesses. Proponents say the system solves one of the internet’s thorniest issues, but cybersecurity and privacy advocates have raised concerns.
2. Life in Estonia. Winter 2020   (pages 11-14)
3. Why Estonia pioneered digital identity
4. Digitizing the State | Ott Vatter, Deputy Director at e-Residency
5. A Brexit refuge: The Baltic nation offering hope to UK startups
6. With voter ID plans criticised, what election technology alternatives are there?