A curious sequence of events

The Austrian former Far-Right FPÖ candidate, and increasingly influential Dr Barbara Kolm of the Hayek Institute and Austrian Economics Centre is a woman of ambition. Dr Kolm (also known as Dr Kolm-Lamprechter unusually using the surname of her current and previous husbands) has been on a one-woman crusade for over 20 years to convince the … [Read more…]

F.A. Hayek – Disrupting Democracy

The Road to Serfdom The Road To SerfdomRead online or download:https://iea.org.uk/publications/research/the-road-to-serfdom Austrian Economics: Made in the USA Oskar Morgenstern was appalled by book’s message, its narrow-minded boosters, and the Hayek juggernaut. One of the founders of game theory, Morgenstern responded allergically to the ideological message propounded during Hayek’s tour. Writing in his diary, he said, … [Read more…]