Tabula Rasa

Case 1

The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate – Big data, private universities, global business and finance, billionaires, think tanks and governments complicit with them have created an anarcho-capitalist juggernaut that may be too late to stop.

We explain how what we are calling the Tabula Rasa has evolved, who is driving the new World Operating System and Enterprise Cities, and the important role that Brexit plays in enabling a global economic reset.

Case 2

The Private Governments of Shanker Singham, Erick Brimen & Dr Barbara Kolm

We show how this Tabula Rasa is already being implemented in Honduras as a ‘live experiment’ where Singham, Brimen and Kolm all play key roles.

Case 3

The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile & Neocolonialism

We highlight the tragic impact of the Tabula Rasa and Enterprise Cities on the indigenous Garifuna people on the island of Roatán, Honduras.

These people and their supporters are being forced from their land so that an Enterprise City can be built on their unspoiled island, and in some cases being assassinated or ‘disappeared’, for daring to reject the Tabula Rasa vision.

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