Case 1 – The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate

The Sovereign Individual, the Babson World Operating System, Honduras and Brexit – sometimes fact is stranger than fiction

A brief encounter…

Marylebone Station, London

Mr Campbell, Mr Campbell,’ – usually it’s ‘Alastair’, so the more formal approach felt different, and as I couldn’t work out where the voice was coming from, I walked on. Then ‘Mr Campbell, Mr Campbell’ became louder, more intense. And then he was there, mid-heatwave a little out of breath.”

On July 24th 2018, former comms and strategy director for the UK Labour party under Prime Minister Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, had a strange encounter with someone who claimed to know the real reason behind Brexit.

Campbell later wrote in his blog and the UK’s New European Newspaper:

The most important book you have never heard of, may explain Rees-Mogg’s love of hard Brexit

“My instincts, well-honed after years of meeting strangers in public places who ‘want a word,’ said he was friend, not foe. I was right. He apologised for shouting, apologised for stopping me, said ‘thanks for everything you’re doing on Brexit,’ introduced me to his wife who was also anti-Brexit.

But then things went beyond the usual mutual Remoanering. He had a specific ask. He dipped into his backpack. ‘If I give you this book, do you promise me you will read it?’ he asked. ‘I promise you won’t regret it. More importantly, if you don’t read this book, you won’t fully understand why Brexit is happening.’ The intensity of the eye contact tipped him from being a random bloke on Platform 4, into a man who was meant to be there, carrying an important message. So I took the book. ‘You must read it,’ he said. ‘Even the first chapter. You will see straight away why it matters.”

Part 1: The most important book you have never heard of, may explain Rees-Mogg love of hard Brexit – Alastair Campbell Blog, 18 Sept 2018
Part 2: The book that helps you better understand Brexit and Rees-Mogg

The book given to Alastair was “The Sovereign Individual” by William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson, published in 1997. Rees-Mogg & Davidson’s dystopian vision, along with the condensed edition of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom’ (PDF download), published in 1945 would become pivotal chapters of the ‘bible’ of authoritarian-right.

The doctrines in these books, powerful libertarians all over the world including the controversial Peter Thiel (see below), could introduce, implement and expand the radical concept of Enterprise Cities in various formats known as SEZ’s, Charter Cities, Freeports and ZEDE’s.

This , together with totally redesigning global economic and data systems, would create a tectonic shift in how governments, global trade and indeed how the whole world currently function

The 4th Industrial Revolution has already begun.

Peter Thiel – founder of Paypal and Palantir and an early investor in Facebook, discussing the Sovereign Individual in relation to Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom:

“The Sovereign Individual (Touchstone, 1997), by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, is an unusual book that I read at a singular moment, just before starting PayPal. A lot of thinking about technology oscillates between two extremes: It’s either a big historical force acting over the long term or it’s a matter of short-term trends to bet on. The Sovereign Individual is different because it takes foresight seriously: If you think hard, you can understand and make plans for a future lasting 10, 20 years or more–and that’s how you have to think to be successful.”

Source: What’s the most important or influential book you’ve read? Peter Thiel (PayPal founder) talks to Amit Aujla about Hayek’s ‘Road to Serfdom’.

     The Sovereign Individual – how to survive and thrive during the collapse of the Welfare State.

Read online or download:

     How to explain Jacob Rees-Mogg? Start with his father’s books
There are two British torch-bearers for Baron William Rees-Mogg’s libertarian revolution. One is William’s son, the right-wing authoritarian, elitist, millionaire hedge fund manager, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP.

The other is Anglo-American Trade Lawyer and economist Shanker Singham, who along with right-wing libertarian extremists including the guileful Matthew Elliott, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker MP and Peruvian born Daniel J. Hannan, is now very much controlling Britain’s Brexit and a staggering amount more.

Singham is the founder of the International Roundtable on Trade and Competition (1997), the Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project (“CECP”) (2013), and the lead author of the SRB economic model to measure Anti-Competitive Market Distortions. He has worked on a number of trade negotiations including the Free Trade Area of the Americas, US-Colombia, US-Peru, US-Panama, TTIP, and TPP. Source: The International Summit on Borders September.

The Sovereign Individual gives a worrying insight into Jacob Rees-Mogg’s enthusiasm for Brexit. This blind faith in disrupting democracy and demolishing regulations is shared by many people of influence across the world, including libertarian former Australian Prime Minister now working for Daniel Hannan’s IFT, Tony Abbott, who are helping make this book’s highly disturbing themes become reality.

Perhaps in the tweet below, Mr Rees-Mogg should have said: “Enterprise Cities shall with commerce shine”.

Mr Rees-Mogg, was clearly echoing the words of former US President Ronald Reagan.”Shining cities” have been a long-term theme with libertarians.

The Babson Simulator – A World Operating System

Our research into what is happening behind all the seemingly endless global political chaos led us to US Babson College, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Babson Global Inc., the powerful commercial wing of Babson College, announced on September 26, 2013, that dual US-UK citizen, Shanker Singham, was to head a colossal project which makes the famous novel ‘Brave New World’ look boring in comparison.

To realise this project, Shanker Singham has created what he calls the “World Operating System”.

Political priority, economic gamble – Lotta Moberg of George Mason University explains:

The idea is to create enclaves that write their own rules in all business matters, from labour regulation to anti-corruption codes—“to look at laws as services that companies demand”, says Lotta Moberg of George Mason University. Such ventures will provide competition more effectively than zones focused on fiscal incentives, says Shanker Singham, founder of Enterprise Cities.

Mr Singham is in talks to develop sites in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Morocco, Bosnia, India and Oman. But these are mostly at an early stage. The most advanced charter-city project, backed by a group of American libertarians, is in Honduras. But it has yet to start and is already controversial: many Hondurans worry that it will operate as a state within a state, milked by business interests. In most countries, such parastatal ventures are likely to encounter political difficulties.

Source: The Economist, Political priority, economic gamble, April 4th 2015

Babson Global’s plan is extraordinary, and it is real and it is happening right now. It will profoundly affect the existence of every one of us on the planet, and it will soon increase at a pace which will make it virtually impossible to properly scrutinise or to stop.

Using gargantuan amounts of data, a syndicate of wealthy and powerful libertarians partnered with Babson Global Inc, to create an economic simulator the likes of which the world has never seen before. This simulator has been designed, among other things, to model the impact of removing or modifying laws and regulations to gain massive investment and commercial growth. It will soon be tested in an unprecedented real world experiment without the informed consent of tens of thousands of people whose lives will be turned upside down.

Babson Global Inc’s Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project (CECP), headed by Shanker Singham, has created an end-to-end package of products that take an Enterprise City from concept and feasibility through to regulatory framework creation (starting with a blank slate), asset management and city operations. The Competitiveness and Enterprise Cities Project team calls it a World Operating System.

This world changing project is publicly available but Singham and Babson Global Inc have for some reason not yet decided to invite the full awareness and participation of all stakeholders. Could it be that they wish to avoid scrutiny? And who in various Governments is collaborating with them?

The diagram below clearly shows the major backing that the Enterprise Cities project has from some unexpected sources including the World Bank, MIT, Harvard University, CISCO, IBM, AECOM, the European Union, the United States Government, OPIC….and many more.

Click image to view full size version

From an economic viewpoint, the key roles for each Enterprise City appear to be split as follows:

  • Shanker Singham – Macroeconomics, investment and capital community relations, and regulatory/constitutional/data negotiations with host governments
  • Erick Brimen – Enterprise City development and operations
  • Dr Barbara Kolm – Enterprise City governance

Babson Global Inc is aggressively marketing to Governments all over the world, offering three levels of Enterprise City design (see slide presentation below):

  • eCity-1 – reforms are made within the existing regulatory framework to increase ease of doing business within the City zone.
  • eCity-2 – is a City that has a degree of regulatory/legal autonomy and can attract some types of foreign investment.
  • eCity-3 – is effectively a free market micro-nation with near full autonomy from the host nation.

[gview file=””]


The staggering projected economic growth rates for eCity-3 type developments, where the administration are free to create their own regulatory framework without needing the authorisation of anyone other than the host Government, may come at an extraordinarily high human and environmental cost.

Those of you already familiar with multi-billionaire head of Koch Industries, Charles Koch, may be interested to know he gained his Doctorate of Law from Babson College and also holds bachelor degrees in General Engineering and a masters degree in Nuclear and Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT, Babson College and the Koch funded Heritage Foundation all have seats on the Academic Advisory Board of CECP.

Inside the Koch Brothers’ Toxic Empire by Rolling Stone magazine details the need for concern, especially since people connected with Koch affiliated think tanks and other key libertarians are operating at every level of Enterprise City projects across the globe.

It should be noted that the world’s first Babson eCity-3 project on the island of Roatan in the Caribbean Sea off Honduras is home to the 2nd largest barrier reef on the planet after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

For 50 years, Mr. Koch has supported academic and public policy research, with a special focus on developing voluntary, market-based solutions to social problems. This interest led Mr. Koch to found or help build a number of organizations, including the Institute for Humane Studies, the Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and the Bill of Rights Institute.

Koch Family Foundations have spent $145,555,197 directly financing 90 groups that have attacked climate change science and policy solutions, from 1997-2018.

The challenges of implementing the Enterprise City plan is detailed in a CATO Institute article, The Future is Already Here, which outlines the issues associated with ‘land grabbing’, human rights and ecological protections, especially in democratic countries. As you will read in Case 3 – The Three Displacements of the Garifuna – Slavery, Exile and Neocolonialsm the first eCity-3 Enterprise City, a flag-ship development, has already resulted in assassinations, disappearances and intimidation of protestors who have had their land effectively expropriated for the ZEDE projects.

The irony of the focus on property rights within Enterprise Cities is not lost on the local inhabitants, who have next to no faith in the system of organic law being proposed by the CECP team. In Case 2 – The Private Governments of Dr Barbara Kolm, Shanker Singham & Erick Brimen, the highly questionable governance structures of the Honduras ZEDE’s are exposed. Democracy within the ZEDE has been thrown out the window for the duration of the initial 50-year lease, signed by Honduran Ministers with extremely close links to the narcotics trade.

The altruistic propaganda on Enterprise Cities is that they create employment and lift struggling populations out of poverty. However, in the early days of the Enterprise Cities project in 2013, Shanker Singham’s emphasis was firmly on changing the economic environment, “we want a regulatory system that maximises economic freedom and optimises wealth creation”.

The following must watch video is long but extremely important to watch from start to finish. It lays out out a dystopian future under libertarian free-market economy where democracy is gradually sidelined. Shanker Singham describes how Babson Global Inc is already conducting live socio-economic experiments on populations using its simulation tools, and Eric Brimen discusses the investment opportunity and pseudo-legal framework within Charter Cities. The panel discussion towards the end is extremely revealing.

Timestamp: 08:10 We want a regulatory system that maximises economic freedom and optimises wealth creation.

Please watch all of this crucial video, which explains Enterprise Cities (which includes Freeports), Babsons World Operating System and big data economic simulator.

Shanker Singham, Managing Director, The Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project at Babson Global Inc, and panelist and Babson 2006 alumni, Erick A. Brimen, Partner, NeWAY Capital, on Sunday, April 26, 2015.

As you read further, you will see that what the project members call ‘organic law’ is in effect a path to serfdom for all but the richest people who will flock to these low-transparency, low-regulation and low-tax zones. The ultimate plan is for a global network of ‘Enterprise Cities’ (or states) to compete against each other, forcing standards and protections ever lower in a race to the bottom in the name of wealth creation.

Shanker Singham and Eric Brimen, FreedomFest 2015

In this recorded interview from FreedomFest 2015 (which again needs to be listened to from start to finish) Shanker Singham, representing Babson Global Inc, and Erick Brimen of NeWay Capital (pronounced New Way), explain the libertarian free market vision and investment model which is now being implemented in the highly controversial first Enterprise City in Roatán, Honduras. Click on image to listen:

At this stage it is worth mentioning that Mark Skousen, the founder and organiser of the annual FreedomFest in Las Vegas, is a former CIA economist and an extremely influential libertarian. Skousen plays a key role as our story unfolds, along with a number of other very powerful people closely linked to Ronald Reagan, including the former US President’s influential son, Mark

Bearing in mind the size and scope of what is happening, it is extraordinary that Shanker Singham, formerly of the UK’s offshore-sponsored Legatum Institute, and now back at the libertarian Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) in Tufton Street in London, has such influence over both British and American politics, economics and law. Singham is deeply embedded in USA foreign policy and Babson Global Inc’s network of world finance giants. In addition, he is on many of the boards of development partners and commercial Universities providing theoretical and practical components for the vast project.

Singham is:

What is perhaps even more extraordinary is that fact that no one in Britain, or indeed the rest of the world outside of Singham’s fellow libertarian extremists (which includes the current Vice President of the Austrian National Bank, Dr Barbara Kolm), seem to be aware of the monumental socio-economic changes that are being implemented right under their noses.

Those seeking to understand why the British legal system is being torn apart will now hopefully understand why, and also that is it just the first stage of disrupting democracy, trade and law worldwide.

Many that have followed the UK’s chaotic Brexit saga, will be interested to see the money and resources being invested in re-engineering the global economic model to deliver Shanker’s vision of a new World Operating System. This is Shanker’s New Way.

The Brexit Connection – the UK Tabula Rasa

Brexit Britain’s freeport utopia isn’t about free trade, or ports

“The document refers to creating a ‘regulatory sandbox’,” (Peter) Holmes says. “Are they going to completely relax planning regulations? They say that they’re not going to undercut labor protection – but if you really wanted to get a big benefit from this, you would abolish the minimum wage in the freeports; you’d just massively deregulate health and safety. You’d try all of that.”

On the 8th of September 2020, the UK Government made a shocking announcement that in order to deliver their Brexit vision, they would be willing to break the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)., which successfully brought peace to Norhern Ireland after decades of violent conflict. The UK’s top legal civil servant, Jonathan Jones, resigned in protest against this decision, and previous UK Attorney General, Dominic Grieve voiced his outrage and dismay.

This statement above by former UK Attorney General is particularly noteworthy as current UK Attorney General, Suella Braverman, works for Shanker Singham as a contributor to the Brexit supporting organisation Global Vision, which is directly connected to many of the complex and shady right-wing think tanks in London’s Tufton Street, and many of the more controversial ultra-right-wing lobbyists and climate change deniers in British politics.

In 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, Shanker Singham (representing the IEA’s  International Trade and Competition Unit) shared a platform with UK MP’s David Davis and Global Vision UK’s Owen Paterson to discuss ‘What Might Brexit Look Like’ and opportunities for market deregulation. Davis stated, ‘in the battle for the heart of the world’s operating system – the global regulatory system if you will, the UK has become the centre of the battlefield….‘. Compared to Babson Global Inc’s Enterprise Cities, the rhetoric for the post-Brexit UK is almost identical to the Babson ‘World Operating System’ pitch, strongly suggesting they are working from the same strategy.

The UK’s Brexit is very much integral to the Babson plan.

What Might Brexit Look Like?

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington DC, 2018.

Watch Part 2: What Brexit Might Look Like?
Watch Part 3: What Brexit Might Look Like?
Read more at: Washington International Trade Association

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak is no stranger to Enterprise Cities (in this instance called a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). His multi-billionaire father-in-law, NR Narayana Murthy, executive chairman of Infosys, laid the first brick of his own Special Economic Zone, in India in 2014. This has particular resonance as Rishi Sunak released his UK Government report on low-tax SEZ Freeports in 2016, which replicates part of the content he had previously prepared for the far-right think tank Centre for Policy Studies. The report attracted criticism for having lax regulatory standards.

The first implementation of a Babson Global Inc’s Enterprise City recently commenced with the Honduras ZEDE Experiment. Hundreds of Enterprise Cities (called a range of names – ZEDE’s SEZ’s, Smart Cities, Charter Cities etc) are already in advanced planning stages right across the globe including six more ZEDEs planned in Honduras and other countries including El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, Ireland, Morocco, Saudi Arabia….and also in wealthy Australia where the concept of using these special economic zones to lift the population out of poverty should be viewed with skepticism.

Like the Royal Chartered Companies and Proprietary Charter Colonies in times of Empire, Enterprise Cities are really Chartered States that are designed to be replicated on a global scale. Recently the Centre for Policy Studies’ CapX posted a very favourable article on Charter Cities, Let’s build Hong Kong 2.0 here in the UK, with benefits and locations sounding very like the Freeports being pitched by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A report for a ZEDE in New South Wales, Australia is being developed by Emilie Dye. Ms Dye is a regular contributor to the UK’s ultra-right-wing Telegraph (commonly known as the ‘Torygraph’ due to its allegiance with the UK Conservative Party) and Spectator publications. Emily is also Policy Director at the Australian Taxpayers Association and Executive Director of the HR Nicholls Society, a think tank aimed at deregulation of industrial relations. It is worth noting that this report for the first ZEDE project in Australia, being touted as a COVID ‘Special Recovery Zone’, is not being created at the request of Eurobodalla Council. The Councillor proposing the report, and requesting permission to share data, is none other than the ‘mother of libertarianism in Australia’, Maureen Nathan, who is credited with inspiring John Singleton to create Australia’s first libertarian political party, the Progress Party.

Also worthy of note is the fact that two prominent Australian barristers have joined the ‘independent’ Próspera Arbitration Center (PAC) in Honduras – the arbitration-based legal framework that will operate in the ZEDE micro-nations. Martin Klapper, former President of Australia’s Resources and Energy Law Association (AMPLA), chair of the Queensland Law Society Mining and Resources Committee, and a member for the Queensland advisory board for AMEC (Association for Mining Exploration Companies) is also an ambassador for ZEDE investor Titus Gebel’s Free Market Cities.

Brexit and ZEDE’s

You are no doubt wondering how Britain’s Brexit could possibly be linked to the ZEDE Honduras project and the crucial US/UK Trade negotiations. As you read on, please bear in mind that Freeports are potentially stepping stones to ZEDE’s, which would require large areas of unoccupied land and border control zones like those currently being planned in the British county of Kent.

Shanker Singham’s SUBMISSION TO FREEPORT CONSULTATION was submitted in May 2020, and should leave readers in no doubt that this is a Babson Global Inc Enterprise City initiative – take close note of the names and organisations of collaborators. Every company and interested person needs to read this entire report.

In regard to the Irish border, the ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE IRISH BORDER REPORT & PROTOCOLS, 18th July 2019, shows that Babson Global Inc and Shanker Singham are orchestrating events. The full PDF can be viewed here, however the appendices make for interesting reading. Babson Global Inc is represented by Dr Srinivasa Rangan (on the Academic Advisory Board of Singham’s Enterprise Cities project (see last slide of presentation) and r. Robert MacLean leads International Trade team in Europe for Squires Patton Boggs. Shanker Singham worked for Squire Patton Boggs (1995-2013) as a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington.


Up to ten Freeports are being planned for the UK under the leadership of Shanker Singham/Babson Global Inc and global think tanks. In particular, the libertarians and lobbyists at 55 Tufton Street are critical in forming and communicating the perceived benefits of a free market USA-UK Trade Agreement.

The CATO Institute, co-founded by Charles Koch, has produced a report, as illustrated by the CATO Institute’s report, ‘The Ideal US-UK Free Trade Agreement‘. The authors include Daniel J. Hannan, who together with Matthew Elliott and Douglas Carswell was instrumental as far back as 2012 in instigating Brexit. Hannan is a leading light in Charles Koch’s Atlas Network, and also is :

  • director of the Initiative for Free Trade
  • founded the organisation that became Brexit’s Vote Leave
  • a director of the Cobden Centre, with Toby Baxendale, Steve Baker and Douglas Carswell – an organisation inspired by the work of Austrian economist FA v. Hayek.
  • wrote the book ‘Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World’ – a sign of his questionable obsession with the colonialist British Empire.
  • a former president of the Oxford University Conservative Association
  • wrote ‘The New Road to Serfdom’

     In World War II, American soldiers went overseas to rescue England from the Nazi menace. Now, with America threatened from within by the specter of social democracy, British politician Daniel Hannan returns the favor. The New Road to Serfdom is a must-read rallying cry for Tea Party activists, fans of Mark Levin’s Tyranny and Liberty, and anyone who has seen Hannan’s hard-hitting interviews with Hannity & Colmes, Neil Cavuto, and Glenn Beck. A former president of the Oxford Conservative Association, and a member of the EU Parliament, Hannan has the insight and experience to help America recapture its distinctive ideals and avoid turning into a socialist state.

From what we have described above, we think you will agree that Shanker Singham’s ‘Babson World Operating System’ is something the public all over the world should be made deeply aware of.


Case 2

The Private Governments of Shanker Singham, Erick Brimen & Dr Barbara Kolm

We show how this Tabula Rasa is already being implemented in Honduras as a ‘live experiment’ where Singham, Brimen and Kolm all play key roles.

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