A curious sequence of events

The Austrian former Far-Right FPÖ candidate, and increasingly influential Dr Barbara Kolm of the Hayek Institute and Austrian Economics Centre is a woman of ambition. Dr Kolm (also known as Dr Kolm-Lamprechter unusually using the surname of her current and previous husbands) has been on a one-woman crusade for over 20 years to convince the world that the Austrian Libertarian school of thought was the only way to safeguard the future of global economics and government policy.

In 2003, Dr Kolm, one of the most outspoken critics of the European Union, launched the European Resource Bank (ERB) with influential Liechtenstein Academy Professor and Mont Pelerin Society member Hardy Bouillon and others. The ERB is not a bank per se, but a collective of powerful Think Tanks and lobbyists.

In 2005, Dr Kolm had received the “Templeton Freedom Award for special achievements from Free Market Think Tanks ” at the annual Atlas Foundation conference in Miami which was attended by representatives from 350 Think Tanks from 67 countries. There she announced that her Hayek institute in Vienna would host the 2006 ERB meeting to provide an EU equivalent of that Atlas Conference and that “Austria must now prove that the ‘Austrian School of Economics’ has an adequate status in its home country,

In 2006, concerns were being already raised about global economic growth, debt levels and sustainability. Russia’s rapid political shifts since the 1990s were also introducing new challenges to existing status quo as the wealth of billionaire Oligarchs gained them more leverage over policy.

Dr Andrei Illarionov resigned in 2005 from his position as chief economic advisor to Vladimir Putin where he had served from 2000-2005, and in 2006 joined the US CATO Institute. He voiced concerns that restrictions being placed on Libertarian Think Tanks influence in Russia, preventing Free Market Trade to grow and generating distortions in the global economy.

Later that year, during the ERB meeting at Vienna’s Raiffeisen Bank, an invitation was sent out for a hastily arranged news conference, hosted by the FA v. Hayek Institute on June 30th,

The speakers for this new conference were:
Benjamin Netanyahu – Israeli Prime Minister (1996-1999, 2009-present)
Dr Barbara Kolm – Founding Director of the Austrian Economic Centre (AEC) and vice-president of the Austrian National Bank (OeNB) (since 2018)
Dr Andrei Illarionov – CATO Institute Senior Fellow at the Centre for Global Liberty and Prosperity (2006-present)
Boyden C. Gray – US Ambassador to the EU
Ivan Miklos – Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister of Slovakia

The next day on July 2nd 2006, attendees of that ERB meeting and press conference decided to produce this Statement of Concern for Freedom in Russia which was issued on july 2nd 2006, signed by 111 Libertarians, most of whom were hugely influntial and included:

Matthew Elliott – Chief Executive Officer of Brexit Vote LEAVE, World Taxpayers Association (WTA), UK Taxpayers Alliance (TPA), Legatum
Grover Norquist –
American Taxpayers Alliance (ATA)
Hardy Bouillon
– Mont Pelerin Society
Enrique Ghersi – Vice President Mont Pelerin Society, CATO Institute, Independent Institute UK’s Adam Smith Institute have a global reach.

And the following day on July 3rd 2006, Dr Kolm would be a key speaker at London’s notorious Institute of Economic Affairs (who were to become instrumental in making Britain’s Brexit happen) at 55 Tufton Street, with one of the most powerful men on earth that very few people have heard of – Alejandro Chafuen. Argentian born Mr Chafuen was the Atlas Network’s President and CEO from 1991 to 2018.

By August 2007, the financial crisis had begun to take hold and the following month, on 12th September 2007, the EU Commission would issue this communication aimed at mitigating the damage with it’s new budgetary reform.

As efforts to repair the immense damage caused by the financial crash continued a newly formed Coalition of Free Europe Think Tanks issued this paper “RESTART THE EU BUDGET: “Ctrl+Alt+Del” 1Position Paper RESTART THE EU BUDGET: “Ctrl+Alt+Del”

The paper which featured many of the signatories from the 2006 statement including Dr Barbara Kolm, Tufton Street’s Matthew Elliott and Hardy Bouillon, but interestingly also the ultra-far right Sebastian Gorka who would later cause widespread condemnation for wearing a Vitezi medal at Donald Trumps’ inauguration ceremony

To put this into context, the VItezi medal was created by self confessed anti-semite Hungarian ruler Miklos Horthy, who had served in the Austro-Hungarian Navy under Habsburg rule during World War 1. Horthy made an alliance with Hitler during World War 2 which resulted in 424,000 Hungarian Jews being deported to Auschwitz in just eight weeks in 1944. In total approximately 565,000 Hungarian jews were murdered https://www.yadvashem.org/holocaust/about/fate-of-jews/hungary.html

Questions must be therefore asked about the relationship between far right Libertarian think tanks, the politicians they work with, and the projects they are involved with – often out of the public eye.

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